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Extreme abdominal pain

Hello, i write on behalf of my mother.

My mother suffers from constant and serious abdominal pain and her general condition is poor. She never leaves the house (except for when driven to the emergency/hospital by my father when it gets too bad), something which has happened about 2-3 times pr month during the past year. She is usually hospitalized for a few days, takes a some tests and is told that they cannot find out what is wrong. This is frustrating, to say the least, and she is also increasingly affected by this situation mentally. The life of my mother and father is basically ruined because of this, there seems to be no end.

The exact cause of her pain is uncertain, but she has a confirmed diagnosis of enlarged varicose (pelvic) veins.
It is also suspected that she suffers from endometriosis and adhesion. The latter is particularly likely as she was
diagnosed with Chron's disease in 1992, and underwent surgery the following year.
The Chron's disease is, however, not found to be active at present.

Personally, she believes her current problems stem from two large infusions of iron (cosmophere) which she received in the hospital almost three years ago. She believes this was a very excessive form of treatment and that it has somehow caused her pain, perhaps it has damaged her veins.

Do anyone have any experience with similar issues?
Does anyone know the best place to get treatment?

If so, please let me know.Thanks.
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Since your mother has enlarged varicose pelvic veins, it is possible there is something which is putting pressure from inside. It could be endometriosis, or fibroids or gas in abdomen. If she has adhesions due to surgery for Crohn’s, then this can only be diagnosed and treated through a laparoscopy.
It could also be food intolerance. So keep a food log and see. Write down what seated and the severity of pain and see if the pain worsens after eating certain food items. Take care!
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