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Fibromyaglia, Lupus & Nacrolepsy

I have been diagnosed with Fibro (6months ago) , Lupus (16yrs ago), and ongoing testing for Nacrolepsy..Can someone tell me if they all fit together somehow?  The lupus was not treated for many years, when I had flares (or what I thought were flares) I would take time off, get lots of rest and go see my primary doc who would prescribe the all curing Prednisone.  I since have had to quit work all together, was able to pick up Medicaid through a state program and began seeing a Rhuematalogist again six months ago. Fibromyaglia diagnosed and Social Security applied for but not yet approved?  I guess I just don't understand the sleep disorder diagnosis with all the meds and fatigue that goes along with Fibro and Lupus is there really a need for another diagnosis?  Sorry for the long question.
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I've never really heard much about mycoplasma infections. (And I'm a nurse.)

I just saw a rheumatologist a couple months ago who made the comment to me "all these things could go together." It was the first time I'd heard a doctor actually say that though that's been my thinking all along. It would seem to me that certainly sleeping issues would go along with lupus and fibromyalgia! I know I have lots of fatigue and there are days that if I'm sitting still I will nod off b/c our bodies just need the sleep that much imo. I don't know if there is another treatment they would be giving you for narcolepsy? My guess is that if your symptoms fit then they will pursue the diagnosis for you. It very well may be though that the narcolepsy is secondary to the lupus and fibromyalgia. Meaning you will have the label "narcolepsy" but indeed it is caused by the lupus and/or fibromyalgia. That is my quick opinion without doing any sort of research.
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Yes, there's a need for another diagnosis, a correct one.  What you in most likelihood have, is a mycoplasma infection.  They cause the fibrosis, making themselvels comfy in their new homes. The lupus is not autoimmune, your immune system is attacking something other than you, something visible only to an electron microscope.  And, mycoplasmas cause errors in tryptophan metabolism, which leads to errors in the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin, which is the cause of the narcolepsy.

Although fibro is often diagnosed, it is not officially recognized, doubt Soc Sec will pay.  I've been packing mycoplasmas since I was given a typhoid immunization in 1968, compliments of the USAF.  They are very hard to kill, they have lots of defenses.
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You won't hear much about mycoplasma, even the doctors know little about them.  But the internet is full of information about them for those with eyes to see.  You're right the things above are interconnected, and it's the littlest of bugs that connect them.
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