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Fibromyalgia - Anyone else use "self-care" techniques to manage their FMS?

My doctor emphasizes "self-care" and good mental health for managing FMS.  We don't have any specialists in this area, that I know of, for FMS.  I try to eat a well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, drink plenty of fluids and to not take on too many responsibilities.  It certainly doesn't cure the FMS, but it does help me cope.  If I am careful I can go months without a "spell".  What other "natural" ways do people deal with FMS?  (I don't like taking supplements as they tend to hurt my stomach.)  Any ideas?
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May I ask what you are taking beside healthy food,fluid and sleep to help?
Do you know your D3 level? It is a simple blood test. D3 should be between 50-70 ml, for "optimal health" People who are deficient in vitamin D3 can and have been misdiagnosed as having Fibromyalgia. The stats are that 50% of people are currently D3 deficient Do you feel better in the summer? Do you go out and get a little sun, without sunscreen?
For the benefits of D3 read the info at www.vitamindcouncil.org

Have you tried a strong pro-biotic to help with your stomach and gut? There are many types you can get.

Are you near a Costco?
Costco, which is cheap has a great pro-biotic called VSL#3. It is over the counter but needs to be kept in the fridge. It is wonderful and having a healthy gut helps the immune system.
Both D3 and VSL#3 are at Costco. They are also available at other places, I don't know your local stores, but they should be easy to find.

Do you take the supplements with food after a meal? That should also help. Other people will also have suggestions.

Good luck,

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Hey, mykidzmama. Welcome to the forum.

I come from Small Town Ontario as well.
Any ideas? Well actually plenty!

1st. Get really involved with your health matters.
You are your own best healer. The more involved and the more knowledgeable you become, the healthier you will get.

2nd. Avoid carbs as much as possible, specially simple carbs which should be TOTALLY eliminated from your diet.

3. Take organic apple cider vinegar-unfiltered and raw- 1T before meals.
It is the best source for malic acid, something deficient in FMS, as tartaric acid , a cellular toxin, (which feeds off yeast metabolites, which themselves need carbs to grow) interferes with malic acid and causes toxicity, fatigue,
muscle and joint aches etc.

4. Learn how to breathe properly! if you pay attention to your breathing, you will find out that it is probably shallow, thus contributing in the production of
lactic acid, disharmonious gas ratios,compromised oxygen delivery,
lowered lymphatic activity and a lot more!
You may go to the Normal Breathing website for details.

5. Some daily activity is VITAL!!!
The less you physically do the worse you become.
Sorry to sound the alarm bell, but this as true as it gets!
Walking, swimming,  tai chi, gentle stretching,
anything at all will help. It does not have to be fast, hard or intense.
Go according to your own physical condition and progress very gradually.

You may also visit a thread I started in the past on this topic.
Go to the Fibromyalgia community and search under IWILLDOTHIS,
where you will find more ideas -some I already covered here.

You may post again, should you need more suggestions or need more details. I'm extremely resourceful and should be able to answer most of your questions.
Or pm me directly, if you prefer.

Best wishes!

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