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Follow up

Hi again.

Had my ck up.  GP said my free t4, TSH and antibodies were all normal so no need for further thyroid testing.

My ANA was still up but not as high.  Sending me to rheumatologist but mostly for caution.

What can you tell me about low serotonin?  I stumbled across mention and a lot fits (I know, so do lots of things).  Is there any natural way or safe way to raise it?  Is there a test to check levels?

Any info you know would be greatly appreciated.


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You GP is just following protocol.

There's probably no insurance code for Free T3 and Reverse T3, plus,
s/he does not want to stir any "BLEEP" with colleagues and get into trouble.

You may have to pay out of pocket to get the Free T3 and Reverse T3 tests.
With all the stuff, that I know, if I were in your situation, I would gladly pay
and get this definitely ruled in or ruled out , because the down side of this
(not doing all the proper testing) is the potential unnecessary suffering for life!
I'm in no way implying you are hypothyroid, but your symptoms are highly suggestive of it.

Nonetheless, you can also do Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test, the Golden standard and most reliable Thyroid test ever!!! before the discovery of synthetic thyroid meds and the TSH serum testing :(  I think in the 70s.
Just follow the online instructions precisely.
Forgive me if I already mentioned this to you.

There's no effective medical test for serotonin other than a spinal tap perhaps- any testing for neurotransmitters is reserved for Pharmaceuticals' R&D for new psych drugs and antidepressants- but you can do an assessment/questionnaire instead,more like a screening tool.
You can try online to find one, if not, I can send
one to your inbox- I have one somewhere in my office.

Natural ways to increase serotonin levels and or activity:
5-HTP, Inositol, Omega-3s, SAMe, but care must be exercised not to get your levels too high, as there are many unwanted effects.
I would suggest  doing the assessment/questionnaire first, and then start with the minimum supplementation doses, until improvement is experienced.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. It does all help.

I would happily pay for the test but don't know how/where to go about it.  And, do they give you the results or does it have to go to a doctor?  And, will a doctor accept the results as having any bearing if they won't even test it?

I did the BBT several years ago and I was consistently in the low 97s but how do you get anyone to accept this method when they rely on blood tests?

I originally started on this path b/c of fatigue, weight gain (couldn't lose and I eat pretty healthy), cold hands/feet, dry, dry skin...the list goes on.  But, I also lost hair on my legs and underarms, like maybe one or two hairs.  It was actually nice, but I didn't know why I never needed to shave.

I also fought my way in to see an endo, but she didn't think I was hypothyroid.  I did also push to get my cortisol tested (fatigue), which came back fairly low (am testing) but again she didn't think there was anything there and sent me on my way.

I don't really understand cortisol as it was low, but high cortisol could explain some of the other things (inability to lose weight, weight around the middle).

As for the serotonin, I actually grabbed some garcinia cambogia (impulse at health food store...trying to lose a few pounds/suppress appetite).  I hadn't really researched it and thought I better before I take any.  That's where I came across raising serotonin.

In my reading I did find a quiz, can't remember the name, but of course I was over the top on it.

There are a lot of crossover symptoms, but a couple did stand out.  Insomnia and waking in the middle of the night w/o being able to fall back asleep.  And, although I do not feel depressed, I certainly am moody and tend towards SAD.  I have a luxe (sorry, I know I've got the name wrong) light and thought it had to do with the low vit d.  I also have a lot of stress so I know there is a reason behind feeling a little in the dump.

But ultimately, I could deal with not losing weight but the fatigue is just so debilitating.

Finally...I feel like I jump on every new thing (desperation) but wonder maybe if I haven't given each a proper chance to "work".  Do you have a suggestion where to start and how long to give each one?

Thank you is much for yr input!
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Hi GG.

Low and high cortisol can cause weight gain.
High cortisol because of higher glucose levels(which store as fat)
and low cortisol because of lowered metabolism.

The question is, can you rely on Conventional Doctors, to help you with
issues outside what they normally do?

I mean, I can give you all the details you need, but if you don't have a Practitioner to order tests, prescribe hormones and supplements for you,
monitor progress etc.then what good is all the information for (other than the things you can do on your own)?

So my ultimate suggestion is to find a Naturopathic Doctor or Functional Medicine Doctor, who has training and experience in these areas.

Your situation is NOT as complex as you may think, however, it may take time to get everything sorted out and rebalanced.
For example it may take up to 2 years of comprehensive treatment for adrenal fatigue, depending the stage it's at.
Thyroid regulation is dependent to adrenal fatigue resolution.

Serotonin, well you may try small dosing of what I mentioned in my previous
reply, but exercise caution with anything you start and continue accordingly.
Keeping a diary/journal of everything you do and recording any changes and symptom improvement (or lack of), will help you a lot in achieving your goals.
Therapeutic approaches require gradual implementation up to a safe level of tolerance with minimum herxing effects (die-off effects) and then a lower but effective maintenance level- if total resolution is not possible (ie primary
hypothyroid)- must be established over time.

Random trials of various things, usually amount to  insignificant and immeasurable results as by default they are naturally unsustainable.

Let me know if you need any further details in anything.

Take care.

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Thank you so much Niko!

You really hit the nail on the head and expressed exactly how I feel.

Where do I find a doctor to help?  There was not a naturopath within a hundred miles of me a few years ago.  I will check again!

And, that's exactly it.  Trying stuff on my own but never knowing how long to give it and no one willing to help.  I love my doctor but just not willing to veer from standard protocol.

I have asked for a trial thyroid based on symptoms (I know that's how they used to do it) but nope.

By the way, my BBT this am was 96.4 oral and 96 underarm.  Day 5 (had to get therm so couldn't do day 2).  Obviously I will track several days, but...

But again, I want to thank you for you support and info.  But also for confirming that the crazy path I was taking myself on, I am really not able to do on my own.  I guess I just got tired of trying to get help and desperate to feel better.

I am not a hypochondriac, I just know that I don't feel right.  Sometimes you just know.

Thank you!
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