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Frustrating symptoms - adrenal questionnaire and BBT tracker up for info

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis but I also suffer from Raynaud's.

I have been diagnosed (unofficially) with Hashimoto's in December this year with high Anti-TPO antibodies at 41,000 (<34) however I have been declared hypothyroid since May this year with a TSH of 22 (0.27-4.2). I take thyroxine for this with my dose at 125mcg.

I also went gluten-free for a week, which made a difference as I was not constipated 20 or so minutes after eating anything with gluten in it. My digestive symptoms are worse when I consume pastry or bread - but I also get a lot of itchy skin at my neck after eating bread which I find odd. I haven't had any constipation problems for about 9 or 10 weeks from now.

I have been referred to an endo by my doctor but I'm also planning on going to a naturapathic doctor to sort out some other issues. I've been losing weight despite eating a lot and I've been getting pains in the back of my sides hence why I've been seeking alternative therapies. I also have records of the following:

* Blood pressure - due to my suspicions of having what I thought was low blood pressure and is actually high blood pressure instead.

* Periods - as they have been heavy, short and early.

* Ovulation - I have absolutely no idea when I ovulate and so my period has a habit of catching me out. Sometimes I've been lucky and gone with my intuition in putting a pad on and realising that I was right in the period starting.

* Complete blood tests - for my own reference.

* Thyroid function tests - as I have Hashimoto's and take thyroxine for it.

*Temperature graphs - as I had a decreased tolerance to the cold despite my BBT appearing normal or just below normal. This has been done with the Dr Barnes BBT Tracker with the information I've transferred onto the tracker on my page.

****All the above are in my trackers, so please feel free to look at them and tell me what you think.****

I have also done an adrenal fatigue test online - I used the Dr Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue Questionnaire and these are my scores:

Past: 59
Now: 72

(More than 32 - adrenal fatigue)

Total score

Past: 156
Now: 202

(More than 132 - severe adrenal fatigue)

Following on from when I mentioned the Raynaud's - I have done a lot of things to help with it. I've worn 2 pairs of socks and worn thermal gloves as well as wearing extra thick socks when at home which help. I also wear thermal leggings which despite being washed so many times still work. Despite my self-help measures the Raynaud's doesn't go away.

Although my doctors have not done the "hand in a bowl of ice" test they clearly said I have Raynaud's as my fingers turn white when I'm anywhere cold - even in a cold room - and my toes have suffered some nerve damage as they have a heightened pain sensitivity when my doctor examined them.

Also because I have a decreased tolerance for the cold I favour the heat and I could happily have a shower with the water piping hot without any issues. Although I'm mainly comfortable with having hot water my toes are not and they start to hurt when the hot water touches them. Is this still nerve damage?

Would the info I have put into my trackers point to anything?


Jo x
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Hey Jo.

I'm not too familiar with the trackers, but I took a fast look.
Your temperature tracker indicates the possibility of a low grade infectious condition. Have you had any newer symptoms lately?
If not, it could be an underlying chronic infectious condition, which would be
easily explained if A. your cortisol levels are low (unbound).
Cortisol regulates the immune cells in our gut so when cortisol is depleted those cells become dysregulated, making us more susceptible to pathogens like bacteria, yeast, and parasites.
B. Your immune system is compromised and dormant infections may become activated.

So this usually throws off the test for adrenal and thyroid function for the time being, but please continue the temp. tracking.

As far as the BP goes, you need to take readings multiple times a day, at various times and for a couple weeks. It might be advisable to also track
sitting and standing (upon standing from a seated position) BP to establish
Orthostatic BP, possibly indicative of underlying adrenal/thyroid issues.

I don't know what the letters" D" and " I" stand for in the sex drive line.

I also took a look at Dr. Wilson's questionnaire and it's totally different than the one I have from  my notes- I don't have any reference marked, it's from my Naturopathic Medicine studies in the past. Nonetheless, it seems to be fairly comprehensive. Your high score did not surprise me at all!

For Raynaud's, anything that helps with improved circulation is recommended. Capsaicin based creams are good, hot spicy foods-if you can tolerate them- physical activity/exercise according to your ability, cold environment avoidance etc, should make a difference.
However, I have the feeling that when your adrenal and thyroid issues get corrected, you may experience remission or at least notable improvement.

Regarding your earlier comment about being embarrassed, please don't  
be too concerned about that. I don't judge, I'm just here to help, if I can and all that matters is that it hopefully makes a small difference in your life.

Love & Light
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