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HIV and Allergies related?

Does the onset of never before( never had allergies b4 not i know off) allergies indicate something, my allergies were specific eyes itch, and were red, and after a week or two, They were sore and it was only painful to look out the corners of the eye.

Optimologist told me it was just allergies.

however, this occured between some 8-11 weeks after what i thought was an exposure,

Since than i has HIV tests done on 25 days,  6 weeks, and 10 week just 2 days short(68 days)     ALL WERE NEGATIVE...
Please Advice
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I have never herd of allergies and HIV being related, but it is good that you have been tested for HIV especially if you have had unprotected sex. It could be pink eye, have you seen your primary care doctor?
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any other odd seemingly unrelated symptoms?
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Nope nothing else besides the ones I mentioned... My risk was protect sex but don't know what I was thinking when I used a condom I found it was unopened and sealed
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