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Had IV Infusion for possible MS, test results unclear

Hi everyone. I’ve been dealing with Optic Neuritis in my right eye since 2017, due to vision changes I’ve seen my Optometrist, 2 Opthamologists, a Retina Specialist and a Neuro-Opthamologist. All came to same conclusion that my changes in vision is not a problem with my eyes but that Optic Neuritis was the culprit. However 4 MRIs of my brain and cervical spine have showed no lesions only white matter hyperintensities on my last brain MRI. Due to having vision changes in my left eye my PCP sent me to see a regular Neurologist who upon exam stated he could see the chronic damage that the Optic Neuritis has done to my right eye but nothing in my left eye as of yet. I told him of my other symptoms such as: lightheadedness, fatigue, muscle weakness, tingling in my feet and hands, unexplainable muscle/joint aches, memory issues, brain fog, migraines/headaches, etc. he stated that he was going to order some tests and treat me as if I have MS and do an IV infusion of SoluMedrol. I went through the week long treatment, I had a Lumbar Puncture, Evoked Potentials, bloodwork for blood cultures, Mog Antibody, NMO Antibody. The only things that have come back not within normal range was on my MS panel through my LP showed 2 oligoclonal bands not found in the serum and the CSF igG index was high, my EVP showed demyelination of my optic nerve in both eyes, and I had elevated WBCs and RBCs in my CSF. I don’t have my follow up appt with Neuro until Nov 20, so now with results like mine and definite answers I’m nervous as to what could be going on and hoping that others have maybe seen similar results and what their outcomes ultimately were.
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