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Hashimotos & Body Tingling/Itching

I was was recently diagnosed with Hashi's and have been put on 75mg of Synthroid. I've only been on the medication for a week and a half and am assuming that it will take a while before I feel a difference. I was just curious if anyone else has experienced tingling/ creepy crawling bug sensation on their skin as a symptom of Hashi? This symptom is fairly new but I'm not sure if it is common. In comparison to the other symptoms I had (i.e chronic fatigue, muscle aches,headaches) this by far is the most aggravating. I'm hoping it will be alleviated with the medication I'm on but I was just curious if anyone else has had to deal with this. Thanks all

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I too was just diagnosed with Hashi's and put on 75mg of Synthroid. I have the same symptoms as you but I don't know if it's from the Hashi or Lymes disease I have or had. (I just got off IV antibiotic meds and I don't know if I need more). It can also be Fibromyalgia. I'm waiting to see if the Synthroid helps me. If it does, then I'll assume these weird symptoms were from the Hashi. It's a wait and see.
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