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Help - positive ANA test

Ive had a persistent cough, clearing of the throat that has gone on for 6 weeks, a developed rash over face, neck and chest and now my arms and back this has now been a week of this , did a blood test came back positive for ANA and negative for tick or lyme. what is it do you think I might have. ?? I can not get in to a specialist till sept 10th - thats a long time away and I am scared! I need to know whats going on and now I have to wait to find out.... please any help, suggestions or thoughts would help.
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Do you know what your ANA results are ?
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Hi buttercup, there is an awful bug going around, I had it and it lasted over 2 months.It lasted so long cause my immune system isn't the best.

Sounds like you have  bad immune system too.Can I ask you a few questions?
What kind of specialist are you going to see?

With it being Summer are you out in the sun much? If you are then I would say to use suntan lotion every day, even if you are going to your local store and try to put it on every morning before you get dressed and if you are wearing sandals or flip flops don't forget your feet. If you out all day then you will want to reply it several times.Wear nothing under a SPF 50.

With those rashes at night you want to put on a skin lotion on them you don't want them to get hard and crusty and flake away.

One good thing about waiting till Sept. 10th you would be seen right away if your doctor thought it was a life or death thing.

Now take a deep breath and try to chillaxing, you'll be alright.

Let us know how your doing buttercup.
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