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High ACTH ...

Hello dear doctor or doctors or everyone that can help me….

( first of all sorry for my bad English coz I am Iranian & PERSIAN )

I have a very hard pain & disease for more of five years that each time I
tried to resolve my problem by referring many doctors I faced with failure

First of all let me tell my problem :

Five years ago I sensed a little pain in the lower right part of my waist
( and nowadays with some research about my high ACTH Hormone I think
its from my adernal gland )

Then my whole body pains grows during time & I faced with many body
disorders like : pain in neck ; pain in all sections of my backbone ; &
finally the most annoying pain that I got by this situation was the extreme
pain in my leg & totally in lower part of my body ( limbs )

( including massive pain in surface of my foot ( I don’t know the phrase here but I
mean the part of human foot that can walk based on it AND stand on it
!!!! )

Today after 5 years of this condition ; the most harassing pain that entirely
ruined my normal life is this ABNORMAL & unbearable foot pain ….

I cant even walk a tiny street without hard pain of my leg !

In fact I have this leg pain all the time & the only times that i have not this
pain is when I am in bed …

Sometimes when I move my backbone and other parts of my body I sense my skeletons are breaking and or really they are breaking I don’t know exactly! ( making a tick sound or something like that )

Also I always have a massive nervous pressure; particularly in my head & heart …

During this five years I got some eye & vision disorders that I am not sure about relation between this condition & my main sickness

With more time passing I sensed depression & other mental disorders …

At the end of this help request ; I must say that I visited dozens of doctors in my country but all of them sent me to wrong path & always had poor knowledge about this matter …

For better results and complete understanding of doctors here. I scanned my last LAB TESTS & uploaded them on internet ; please take a look at them and guide me to a solution if you can !

There is some abnormal test results in this report particularly about ACTH hormone that is extremely high in my tests …

For the sake of god please help me & find me a cure …

I am in a very bad condition & can not continue my annoying life & everyday asking god for ending my life …

The download link of my lab examination :

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Can't offer much help but my thought would be that if your ACTH is
very high it might suggest a deficiency in your adrenal gland(s).
I THINK the way it works is that when circulating cortisol (produced by adrenal) gets low, the pituitary gland secrets ACTH to chemically tell
the adrenal(s) to 'up' production of cortisol.  If the adrenal(s) can't 'up' production for some reason the ACTH won't go down because the 'problem' it perceives hasn't been resolved.  So the ACTH stays
high.  It 'keeps trying' even though the gland its attempting to affect is nonresponsive.  Similar to where people are "hypothyroid" (too little circulating thyroid hormone) and the TSH level is very high, because
it keeps secreting trying to get the thyroid to up its production but it is
unable to.  Just my opinion.  
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