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High Speckled ANA

I'm sorry this is going to be a long post...unfortunately it is a long story!'ve been feeling lousy since at least December '09. At the beginning of December I had a sinus infection that turned in to a scary peri-orbital cellulitis landed me in the hospital. Since then I've been exhausted, run down and sick off and on and running low grade fevers. It took about a month after the hospital for my white counts to get to normal again. Since then I've had another sinus infection that was confirmed.Still feeling lousy and went to see several specialists. My white counts  and platelets have been consistently high. I've been treated for suspected sinus infection once and had several ct scans of the sinuses. I've been on and off of antibiotics and it seems my counts go to normal after antibiotics only to rise again within a week or 2.  

In April my low grade fever turned into a 102 temp, which sent me back to my internist.  We  ruled out sinus as the cause of high white counts and are now looking at other things. My counts have been all over the place.  Monday at the internist's my white count was elevated, but by Tuesday when I went to see an infectious disease specialist they had returned to normal range.  Monday's blood  showed a very low TSH of .06 which was a thing new for me. I had'nt had my TSH tested in at least a year. She ordered the test and did an EKG because I had a very high heart rate, was "very agitated", have been complaining of stomach issues for a while and was not "myself" to her. My internist didn't think this is the reason for the high white counts and the fevers but referred me to an endocrinologist and I had an appointment  a few days later. She also ordered additional thyroid tests that seemed to rule out Grave's disease.
Went to the endo.. He ran a bunch more bloodwork. TSH was fine as well as the antibody tests. No Grave's. I had asked him to run a cortisol test which he did. I had once been told that I had Low Cortisol, so i was curious how this would turn out. At that point it was actually in the high range. He told me at the time (this was back in May) that he thought it was Silent Thyroidosis that we would follow up on in 4-6 weeks. Fast forward to now-I've still have the low grade temp and absolutely NO energy. I can't get enough sleep...very unlike me. No appetite. Night sweats, which are new. Irritated eyes all the time.  I've been through the ringer with testing...countless blood tests, 3 different CT of sinuses, CT of pelvis/abdomen, chest X-ray, upper GI, echocardiogram, bone marrow biopsy, pelvic ultrasounds, Gallium Scan, etc. All are normal.  I've been called a "medical mystery" by my internist as well as the many specialists that I've seen. Infectious Disease doctor just referred me back to Endo as his follow up on TSH showed it to be "Hyper" again and he is attributing my symptoms to this. Endo rechecks it and it is totally normal, however my Cortisol is now LOW again.Had  some kind of Cortisol Stimulation test...which was normal
Now I am working with a rhuematologist who thinks this is an autoimmune disorder.
Just got one test back that is finally abnormal. I have a high ANA which is 50 (or 1:320-1:1280) and it is speckled. I am waiting to actually talk to the doctor, but wondering if any of you know what that might indicate.
Hoping that I am at the end of this very long journey to a diagnosis...thanks for any help.
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