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High calcium, high calcitriol, high blood pressure

My blood calcium has been elevated for over 2 years that I know of. I've felt horrible for a while. It seems over time more and more symptoms get added to the list: high blood pressure, high calcium, normal vit d levels, low/normal pth level, high calcitriol level and an elevated liver enzyme. Hair loss, acne, weight fluctuations(3-5 lbs), frequent urination, depression, hypothyroidism, bone cracking/popping, aches, pains, brain fog, increasing fatigue and a small bump under my chin that comes and goes. I'm on Wellbutrin XL, Synthroid, and  Labetelol. Any  doctors I've seen seemed relatively unconcerned and took the "wait and see" approach. I'm 30 years old and I feel 80. I don't want to wait and see. I want to the problem and fix it. Any ideas? Every possible cancer runs in my family, diabetes, tuberculosis, depression, parathyroid disease-you name it-someone I'm related to has had it and that goes for both sides. I feel like very defeated, like I'm going in circles. I just want to feel better.
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HI  there justsumgurl.

I don't blame you to be concerned, but please do not feel defeated.
Let's see if your situation can be improved so you can start feeling your age again.
Being so young, it is unfair to be suffering like that you deserve to have a better chance in life.
OK, for starters, If your blood calcium level is  HIGH, it should be associated with a LOW parathyroid hormone level and if your doctors are saying low is normal because of some lab derived statistical formula, it isn't necessarily so!
"Most" people within those so called ranges do not have significant issues,
however some people will exhibit significant symptoms at sub-clinical levels around the lower or higher ranges.
What are your PTH and Serum Ca values? Please state lab reference values/range.
This should be an elementary case to dx and If indeed it is determined positive, treatment is by surgery only!
Ideally you should find a Parathyroid specialist/surgeon who is experienced in surgical removal of the malignant parathyroid gland (you have four) only, using the latest techniques in what is called a mini-parathyroid surgery, which has a very high success rate.

The other issue, you may have going on, which stands out because of your symptoms, is possible under-regulated hypothyroidism.
I have never been convinced of the value of synthroid
over natural (NDT) and the same goes for the standard serum thyroid tests, which only test...serum levels, offering no assurance that they correlate with
thyroid function.
So, if you do not get your Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 levels checked
you may be in perpetual limbo, believing your thyroid regulation is fine,
based on possibly inaccurate test results.
One easy way to self-test is by doing Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature test
-just do a search for it and follow the simple instructions to the T-but do the test after day 4 of your period and not when you suspect you have an underlying infection.
Can you elaborate on the normal vitamin D levels and high calcitriol levels?
Why did your doctor test for calcitriol? Please give details
A couple things I would recommend you pay attention to is to aim for a high consumption of leafy greens and fresh salads (vitamin K rich foods), which help with Ca transport to the teeth, bones and joints, instead of soft tissues
and also to have adequate magnesium and zinc . Oral magnesium is inefficient, so you may want to consider transdermal magnesium oil treatments.
Look it up online or if you prefer, I can send you some info on that. I do this a couple times a week for maintenance.

Re: elevated liver enzymes, which one?  Alanine transaminase (ALT) or Aspartate transaminase (AST). Please include levels and lab range.

I can go on here for a long time regarding things of lesser importance,
but I won't, since I believe less is more and if the aforementioned are not
ruled out or ruled in, then no progress can be made.

Please let me know if you need any further details, however, my comments and suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes.

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