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Hypothyroid, I dun wish to start Alopathic, pls guide

Hypothyroid, I dun wish to start Alopathic, pls guide
Hello,  I am female 33, single and was diagnosed thyroid at border line that is TSH 5.41MicroU/ml, T3 1.06 ng/ml, T4 8.54,B12 148.3, Vit D 5 in 27Jan15. Later it was 5.56 in  25Jul15.After that sudden jump was found in TSH tht is 9.812 in 07nov15,T3 107.75 ng/dl, T4 10.20 ng/dl, Vit B12 128,Vit D 18.9, and now TSH is 10.74,T3  1.31, T4 8.22. I have yet not started Thyronorm or any alopathic medicine. I am gaining weight. Feel puffy face n neck smetimes,  an ear pain which was there sometimes since more th n a year but realized it might b due to thyroid.. its ear strain frm inside out and no pinning in ears. Feel sleepless smetimes but that is due to worry of this thyrpid I suppose. I hve long problem of HB since childhood but that was much better in last 10 years.  I feel numbness in hands n legs if in same position for smetime,  Feel very dry in throat even in sleep,  severe.  Is it pre diabetese!!  Pls help me get rid of.  I hare alopathic and not able to accept I ll hve to take alopathic. I took homeopathic medicine for a month after nov report of 9.812 TsH.  which I am nt taking nw and everybody is telling me if u ll nt start alopathic ur system ll get  Damaged. I feel helpless. can anybdy pls suggest me any alternative or guide on this what should I do.  I hve already started yoga and improvised my food habits. waiting  eagerly of ur responses
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