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I would like to Post a poll

I would like to know how many of you have had your Vitamin D level checked. I never realized that it’s a special test to check your Vitamin D level, I guess Sjogren’s and Celica’s disease goes hand in hand.  The doctor checked my vitamin D level on my last visit and to my surprise it was only a 7.5  I was told that it should be between 30 – 100 and if it drops below 32 it is very dangerous.  They gave me a vitamin medication to get it up quick I believe it’s called Drisdol, anyway its Vitamin D 50,000 iu, it’s totally amazing how I have changed over the last few days, energy has doubled, and my bones do not hurt anymore.  I had no idea that I hurt as much as I did until I began this medication.  If you have not had this test PLEASE DO.  They say that anyone over 60, dark completed or lives in an area that has a hard winter is in danger of Vitamin D deficiency, of course poor diet, and drinking will also add to the problem.  
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I agree, but I went through four doctors to finally get one who tested it without my even asking.  He just happens to be the one who seems the most concerned and intelligent as well.  My levels were at 11.8 and I was put on 2,000 IU per day.  I will be retested in February and we'll see if that has changed, but I'm realizing how vital it is to test vitamins as well as ferritin for iron (not just hemoglobin and hematocrit, but ferritin).
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I had mine checked, it was fine.  I was actually hoping it would be low so that I might get better, but no luck.  I have fibro, arthritis, back and neck problems.  I feel horrible, lots of pain all the time.
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Since vitamin D is a seco steriod hormone, it can definitely help in the short run. However, I have doubts about it helping people in the long run. Because of my own personal experience with this, I tend to lean towards Dr. Trevor Marshall's research on vitamin D in chronically ill patients.

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I hope you don't mind me stopping by from thyroid .. I happened upon this great poll!

Just recently my levels came back at 9 and I was annoyed looking back that I wasn't checked in August when I saw my Dr. for leg cramps!!!!  She only did the panel with magnesium tests.

2 yrs ago when last tested for Vit D thru screening by my endocrinologist before thyroid surgery for nodules, it was at 25 and nobody ever addressed it.

They retested me yesterday along with PTH for parathyroids and I'll talk with my Dr next week with the gameplan .................................

I also have very bad feet that are sweating of late .. 2-3 sock changes per day ?  I read that is a symptom.  

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I am here from Brain/pituitary. It goes along with a lot of stuff. I had it with my pituitary issues. I take 2000iu of D3 as my D just stays along the low side. I am also borderline hypoparathyroid as I only have 1 left (due to multiple thyroid surgeries) and my PTH goes from 5.5-10.1 (10 is the limit ha ha). My serum cal stays ok but urine cal is high as well as phosphorus.
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Hi rampled;

I am 12 weeks post opp of a Complete Thyroidectomy, while the ENT was preforming the surgery a surprise marble size Parathyroid Tumor popped out at him!  So one of my four Parathyroid Glands were removed.  My calcium level were at a dangerous level after surgery and I had to stay for a couple extra days in the hospital. While in the hospital and since...  I take 1000 mg of Calcium 2 X's per day and 1 Calsitrol 0.25 to replace my PTH due to my other remaining Parathyroid Gland are now dormant and we are awaiting them to wake up.

My levels of PTH and Calcium finally 2 weeks ago are at the lowest normal range....

However, I have been experiencing cramps in my feet and up the back of my leggs etc, Some days the cramping is much worst than others, and often I wake up in the night with cramps too.  I was wondering if you too have or have had this cramping problem from being Hypoparathyroid?  

Thanks for any info....   Sonflower

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If you are experiencing severe cramping, call your doctor right away, you may need an IV of calcium. Tingling, etc - can signal a life-threatening conditon. Calcium is necessary for life so look up the symptoms and be aware. You may want to talk to your doc about upping it (you have to be careful of the kidneys).
I drink tons of milk and eat yogurt etc. As I have other endocrine issues, I need extra calcium anyway or my bones will go. You may too want to take less calcium, more often, as the body can only absorb so much (this is hotly debated but what I heard...) but take some before you go to bed at night. I take the citrical so you don't need food.
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There is a connection between Vitamin D levels, estrogen and pituitary issues, including hypopituitarism (I'm too lazy to look up the spelling right now).  From what I have read and I'm going off memory right now, estradiol and vitamin D either work together or are put to use by the same receptors or transmitters.  Growth hormone is a factor in this as well.  My levels of growth hormone are mildly elevated with my vitamin D being 11.8 and my estradiol levels being that of a post-menopausal woman.  I am not post-menopausal and I do believe my ovaries are working, but I take estrogen because of my levels and there is a huge difference when I do not take it.  My labs show the other hormones are being produced.  This makes me wonder what my eventual diagnosis will be since currently the only diagnosis for now is thyroiditis & Raynaud's.

I have antibodies involved in Hashimoto's but currently do not have my TSH numbers off so I'm doing the sit and wait and suffer because I do have many symptoms.  Vitamin D is the only vitamin as far as I know that works as a hormone when inside the body.  I think most women would beg to differ that Vitamin D is not important when you consider what your hormones do.
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My Gyn checked my Vit D level and it was 14.  She put me on 2000 IU/day for 2 months and it went down to 9.  I am now taking 50,000 IU/week for 3 months and the day after I take my pill I feel fantastic-more energy, but after a few days I am back to feeling sluggish, etc.

Has anyone else experienced such short term results from weekly Vit D and if so, what is the reason?

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My blood work showed I was low on Vit D so I was put on supplements. Several months later I was retested and I was lower than average, but still in the normal range (taking about 1g per day supplement). It hasn't improved my symptoms any unfortunately.
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I also have Sjogrens and Celicac Disease.  I had mine checked by my request and it was very low and now I'm taking Vitamin D.  
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Yes, I have mine tested regularly and its always below normal. Last time I was a 19. The time before that a 7. I live in the south and still have problems. People should also be aware that statins for cholesterol control can block the absorption of fat soluble vitamins-A,D,E, and K. Always check on the medications you are taking. Remember, You are your best advocate and health watcher.
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I start my Vit D pills today.   My retest still showed 9 .. so it is accurate.  Seems since I had an early melanoma removed I don't stay out in the sun as much and use higher SPF sunscreen so they think this is the reason why since all other tests thankfully are A-OK!

Great poll!

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Just had labs done yesterday for...  D 25 - Hydroxy, is this the D you are asking about?
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I have been dark under my eyes for a few year...  now after a complete Thyroidectomy and partial Parathyroidectomy my eyes are even darker!

Does anyone know what would cause this?

Lack of ????  vitamin or minerals or ????
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Was watching an American live chat show,called dctors I think...It was real doctors answering questions and a person aked the same question as you... bout the darkness under the eyes and he said its water retention! I was shocked cause Iv the dark circles under my eyes to!! Now I think I know why!!! sooo now how to get rid of them LOL....
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Wow, you have the dark circles too!

This is very interesting, water retention, huh?  

My eyes have been a bit puffy now and then and even more so lately!

So yeah, what can one do about it, how do we get rid of it...

Thanks for the tip;  Sonflower
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Apparently if you put a luke warm tea bag over them it helps..Was told that agea ago by the mother of a girl with hypo in my village! Never tried it though!!! Be my guest and let me know if it works LOL......
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I don't know, all he told me was My vitamin D was 7.5 and gave me 50,000 iu's a week, I feel wonderful since I started taking it. I saw an orthopedic sergon for a few years due to low back problems, they are gone now. I understand that there is usually a reason why you are not absorbing the vitamins so I'm scheaduled for a colon check this next week.  I take the Vitamin D and a B12 shot.  I feel better now than I have since I was in my 20's
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I have tried the teabag trick and it works!! But the trick is to use chamomile teabags.  Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory.  The other great thing you can do with teabags, haha is mop your wood floors.  Teabags are great for wood floors believe it or not and my floors look so good after I do it.  

I haven't noticed a huge difference from using the vitamin D, but I should say I'm also on Chromagen Forte so I'm not sure.  I do believe there is a huge difference in using the Chromagen.  I was so miserable due to low vit D and low/normal ferritin (18) that I remember thinking if I don't wake up when I go to sleep, I'm not sure I'll care.  That's how bad I was before taking both of these vitamins.  Chromagen has iron, folic acid and vitamin b12. Seems like there is one more thing in there but I forget what it is.  Anyway, it's much more mild on the stomach then most over the counter iron pills which is why I prefer it, plus I think it's the folic acid that helps you absorb the iron.  My hair has improved since starting this too.  It's the first time I have seen baby hairs not just at the bangs but actually popping up in the middle of my scalp.  I've been complaining for years about my hair thinning and it's finally doing something.  Yay!  Look up low ferritin and hair on the internet.  You might be surprised.
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Have any of you heard a creaking noise in your body, felt movement or had movement/and/or strange feelings in your heart before going on the vitamin d therapy?  I was diagnosed with low vitamin d (it was 18) and was told to take the 50000 iu 1per wk for 6 wks but being that i am scared of meds I opted for the 1000 iu per day dosage without a prescription.  I think now I should have listened to the doc and took the larger dosage.  Does anyone have any REAL idea of what the normal level of vitamin d should be for someone over the age of 40?  I don't think 32 as I have previously heard is accurate this day in time.  I read that is an outdated number.  The 1000 iu per day hasn't helped me much.  Will await your comments.....hopefully.  Thank you!!!
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Glad to hear it !  I think that vitamin D (D3) is great for people who are healthy. In chronically ill people, I think it can help in the short term (it works as a seco-steriod hormone).... I just am concerned about chronically ill people who take vitamin D for many years. I tend to agree with Dr. Trevor Marshall's theory on that topic !
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I was dx'd with low Vitamin D and was put on 50,000. IU every week.  I honestly didn't notice a difference in how I was feeling but I think it's because I developed Vasculitis around my heart (from the lupus) and was getting sicker at the time with that.  I was tested again for Vit. D while in the hospital and am still low.  I believe that being on Imruan it eats up my Vit. D.  Taking the 50,000. once a week got a lot of Vit. D into me but I believe taking it daily now is actually better because like my other doctor said you don't get a boost all at once and then a drop the rest of the week.

Also, I noticed several people mentioning cramping in legs, feet etc.  Be careful because I started having cramps in my feet and calves and I ended up in the hopsital with dangerously low sodium and potassium.  This can happen when you have a chronic illness.

We have no choice but to be our own advocates.  Doctors see many patients and even the good ones can't keep up with everything.  We have to research, talk to each other and ask for what we think we need.

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I have been trying to find information about low levels of Vitamin D.  I had a Vitamin D-25 Hydroxy  test done and just read the results.  Mine is a 5.....very low...The doctor I saw did it only because he had recently spoken to someone in the mental health department who said that low levels of D are often found in people who are depressed.(I have been having depression for years and no one ever did a vitamin D test on me!)  .I am concerned as I have not felt good for a long time and have been complaining but have been put on depression medication which never seemed to help and often made me feel worse.  I go to a HMO  and do not feel confident that I will get the right kind of help. .  I have had aching and depression for such a long time. It is frustrating because when you are depressed sometimes that is all that the doctors see..you are often treated like it is "all in your head"  and you know you are hurting and not feeling well....this only makes a person feel more depressed!! f  I am searching for information about this low level so that I might be able to be informed and be able to ask for whatever other tests might bee helpful From what I read the level that  sounds dangerous.I was diagnosed with fybromylgia  a few years ago and  and Interstitial cystitis.I appreciate any feedback anyone can give me. I have not heard from my doctor yet to see what his plans are.  I just viewed my test results on line yesterday.  I will post what he says when I hear something.
Thank you.
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