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I would like to Post a poll

I would like to know how many of you have had your Vitamin D level checked. I never realized that it’s a special test to check your Vitamin D level, I guess Sjogren’s and Celica’s disease goes hand in hand.  The doctor checked my vitamin D level on my last visit and to my surprise it was only a 7.5  I was told that it should be between 30 – 100 and if it drops below 32 it is very dangerous.  They gave me a vitamin medication to get it up quick I believe it’s called Drisdol, anyway its Vitamin D 50,000 iu, it’s totally amazing how I have changed over the last few days, energy has doubled, and my bones do not hurt anymore.  I had no idea that I hurt as much as I did until I began this medication.  If you have not had this test PLEASE DO.  They say that anyone over 60, dark completed or lives in an area that has a hard winter is in danger of Vitamin D deficiency, of course poor diet, and drinking will also add to the problem.  
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If you are experiencing severe cramping, call your doctor right away, you may need an IV of calcium. Tingling, etc - can signal a life-threatening conditon. Calcium is necessary for life so look up the symptoms and be aware. You may want to talk to your doc about upping it (you have to be careful of the kidneys).
I drink tons of milk and eat yogurt etc. As I have other endocrine issues, I need extra calcium anyway or my bones will go. You may too want to take less calcium, more often, as the body can only absorb so much (this is hotly debated but what I heard...) but take some before you go to bed at night. I take the citrical so you don't need food.
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There is a connection between Vitamin D levels, estrogen and pituitary issues, including hypopituitarism (I'm too lazy to look up the spelling right now).  From what I have read and I'm going off memory right now, estradiol and vitamin D either work together or are put to use by the same receptors or transmitters.  Growth hormone is a factor in this as well.  My levels of growth hormone are mildly elevated with my vitamin D being 11.8 and my estradiol levels being that of a post-menopausal woman.  I am not post-menopausal and I do believe my ovaries are working, but I take estrogen because of my levels and there is a huge difference when I do not take it.  My labs show the other hormones are being produced.  This makes me wonder what my eventual diagnosis will be since currently the only diagnosis for now is thyroiditis & Raynaud's.

I have antibodies involved in Hashimoto's but currently do not have my TSH numbers off so I'm doing the sit and wait and suffer because I do have many symptoms.  Vitamin D is the only vitamin as far as I know that works as a hormone when inside the body.  I think most women would beg to differ that Vitamin D is not important when you consider what your hormones do.
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My Gyn checked my Vit D level and it was 14.  She put me on 2000 IU/day for 2 months and it went down to 9.  I am now taking 50,000 IU/week for 3 months and the day after I take my pill I feel fantastic-more energy, but after a few days I am back to feeling sluggish, etc.

Has anyone else experienced such short term results from weekly Vit D and if so, what is the reason?

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My blood work showed I was low on Vit D so I was put on supplements. Several months later I was retested and I was lower than average, but still in the normal range (taking about 1g per day supplement). It hasn't improved my symptoms any unfortunately.
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I also have Sjogrens and Celicac Disease.  I had mine checked by my request and it was very low and now I'm taking Vitamin D.  
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Yes, I have mine tested regularly and its always below normal. Last time I was a 19. The time before that a 7. I live in the south and still have problems. People should also be aware that statins for cholesterol control can block the absorption of fat soluble vitamins-A,D,E, and K. Always check on the medications you are taking. Remember, You are your best advocate and health watcher.
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