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Is Endocort a med for AIH (autoimmune hep.)???

Again, I am left with few answers, and lots of questions.   I have been prescribed Endocort, but am not supposed to start it until AFTER my second lab test for liver enzymes like Smooth muscle and a few others.

I have had an inactive AIH for a long time, but now my titer for labs is "panic" high and the doc is now concerned.  I also have autoimmune thyroiditis, positive scleroderma antibodies and positive ANA (speckled pattern).  One lab that doesnt seem to fit anywhere is the Anti-CBir1 serology that is always high...but serology says no IBD...go figure!

Does anyone know where my doc is going with this treatment?  Has anyone experienced these issue and what did your doctore recommend?

My symptoms are fatigue, muscle aches after extended walking or activity, rash on arms, patchy red/purple upper arms, wrist pain, headaches, major constipation and diareah, stiff joints in the morning, swelling fingers with activity, major tenderness in secral area, and just an overall tenderness of the body, sunlight sensitivity in the eyes along with dryness, GERD and raynauds of the hands.

Any ideas, help, impute would be greatly appreciated.

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