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Is it normal for my temperature (under tongue) to be in the 99.3-99.8 range?

Hello! I am so confused. For most of my life my temperature has run low- usually in the high 97, low 98 range. Even when my husband and I both have the same flu and he has a fever of 104, I would still be below 98.9. Now, for the last several months, but temperature upon waking is about 98.1 and then at least some point throughout the day (usually starts early morningish through the evening I would say) my temperature goes up to 99.3-99.8 (orally). 99.3 seems to be the most common. Also- i've noticed a couple times when i'm really excited (watching an intense movie) it will be higher and i'll feel very hot in terms of comfort.

I have hashimotos but my last ana came back negative (which never happens to me), my wbc has been decreasing - last checked it was 3.1.  I looked back to make sure it wasn't always low and it wasn't, its been decreasing. I had pneumonia in July maybe but got that treated. My doctor ran a bunch of tests and didn't find anything so he said he's not worried about it. Its just that this is sooooo abnormal for me, i don't see how its not an indication of a problem? I have been EXTREMELEY cold intolerant and very tired. I have a bunch of labs if anyone would like to see, if that would help? I just feel so unsure. My doctor says its fine but I feel like I know my body and this is not normal.

Maybe my hashimotos is getting better and this is actually how my body should be? I don't know. I am a 25 year old female, i take birth control, allergy meds, and zantac. I only have 1 kidney (born that way). Please feel free to ask any questions and thank you so much for any help or answers!
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I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis too. I've had both types of Hashitoxicosis...leakage of active Hashi's causing milder hyper symptoms and also Graves antibodies show up on the odd occasion causing very hyperthyroid symptoms.

So you can have a mix of hyper and hypo with Hashi's. And then there is the possibility of other autoimmune diseases. I have 5 in total with negative ANA. Post your labs. :)
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