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Is this an autoimmune disorder?

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I had a HIV scare not so long ago.  Had a fever, rash swollen nodes.  Tested at 15 weeks negative.

About 6 weeks after my negative test i noticed white pigmentation spots on the back of my arms.  These spots have now become more regular and are all down my wrists aswell.  I have white skin so they are not that obvious but they definately werent there before.  Im thinking maybe the virus i had may have triggered vitiligo?  Also the white pigmentation has appeared in the smae place i experinced rash. I have no known history of this in my family.

Its been nearly 7 months since the fever, and im experiencing a swollen throat and enlarged nodes in my neck.  I find it hard to swallow and i constantly feel like someone has their hands around my throat or something is stuck in my throat.  I have alos been experiencing floaters in my vision.

What are your thoughts?
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