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Is this what I think it is?

I won't bore you with my long medical history, but suffice to say I had a Total Thyroidectomy in Dec 2007 (left side was taken out  in May 2007, then the right in Dec) For many many years I had undiagnosed Hashimoto's disease, till last Oct 2007 with an anti-antibodies at 1442. I have had continual high stress for many years. I notice that when ever I get a stress episode (like my 56k investment being frozen and having no other funds, for example, or my boyfriend dumped me, or I found out I had cancer in my thyroid) I get total severe nausea for days, feel on the verge of throwing up( i have done in the past), migraine, and then a few days later I get diahorrea which won't go away for days. I noticed that this time I got heavily stressed (my brakes failed in my car going down hill at speed!) my kidneys were sooooooo sore for a few days after that, along with all the other symptoms.
  The time frame between each 'attack' for want of a better word, is getting more often, now weekly. Getting so I can barely walk, my whole body feels so slow...(different to when I had the hypo symptoms of Hashimoto's) My legs feel like lead and I find it hard to get motivated to do any work. The constant rolling around in my mouth about to throw up is driving me nuts!
  My doctor said that the medical profession don't normally do tests for Addison's as my symptoms are too like the Hashimoto's and thyroid problems....all I can say is, this feels soooooo different to that.

Any one had similar experience and then got full blown Addison's?  Oh I forgot to mention, I get a weird sort of brown  stain on my palms and up my fingers sometimes...go to bed without it then wake up and it is there.It fades after a few days. Showed my psychologist once and he thought it very odd. I am very fair skinned and haven't noticed any darkening elsewhere. Much and all as I hate using salt, all I want lately is salty tastes...not good for my recently elevated cholesterol level!
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