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Just a few thoughts on autoimmunity

I could have put this topic in about 4 autoimmune categories.  I have 4 AD so far, diagnosed, and that's not counting *what I believe to be MS* and who knows what else.

Just a few thoughts about autoimmune diseases...

It drives me crazy thinking, should I avoid Gluten?  Was it all of the vaccinations I received?  Was it because I never had Chicken Pox (or the anti-body), despite being exposed to it repeatedly as a child, as an adult, and even had the vaccination for it while I was pregnant?  And yet, no anti-body for it is still in me.  Is it because the world is so clean, that our immune systems go into a recluse phase because they don't think they have to work as hard?  Is it molecular mimicry, like in Rheumatic Fever, in ALL cases, but we just don't know that?  Is it because hormonal birth control was invented?  It is something in the plastic, the water, the environment?  Or, is it THAT easy to say, we don't know, it's "probably" a combination of things?  

Your thoughts?  
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It is all about the toxins we get in our bodies which make us sick.  Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, steriods, viruses, parasites to numerous to mention them all.  When we get these things in our bodies our bodies have to get them out.  When we get too much of this stuff in our bodies we get sick.  We have to give our bodies the nutrients it needs to get rid of this stuff.  The drugs the doctors give us just cover up this problem.  We all must design a plan for ourselve since we are all different.  Important to get the knowledge as to how we can follow a healthy lifestyle.  Everyone must take control of their own life and address their individual illness by trying to eliminate the toxins and giving the body what it needs to get rid of the toxins which are in the body.  Real healing comes from the body.
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I've struggled with those thoughts myself. When i was 9 and diagnosed with ideopathic scoliosis (not an autoimmune disease but still....) I thought it was something I was responsible for. My parents changed my diet we went to the chiropractor, and we tried EVERY alternative. But at age 13 I needed surgery anyways. I've lived my life extremely healthfully, I only eat whole foods and never touch processed food and still ended up getting more then one autoimmune disease in my mid 20's. (by the way i do not use hormonal birth control).  The harsh truth is that it is NOT known what causes these diseases. There is a genetic factor, and it is unclear if any environmental factors are contributers. I also think each autoimmune disease are all very different from each other and probably have different triggers.

To answer your question if you should avoid glutens, I would say.... probably. I do not think it will reverse or cure your current AI issues..... but human beings were not designed to be eating grains and it's really not good for the body. You might actually feel better by cutting them out of your diet even though it's extremely difficult. Everyone i know who has gone gluten free reports feeling a LOT better in general. It's not as easy as it seems and it is a life style change, so it takes a big commitment.

I started going gluten free when my brother was diagnosed with Celiac and i feel a whole lot better. It has not rid my body of my thyroid disease or gotten rid of my antinuclear anitbodies, but one thing it does do is eliminate the option of really bad carbs and most processed food and, as a result I've become really thin and fit.

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Hi Kellymgo yes all these autoimmune deseases are all caused by toxins I have been very involved in this subject and spent thousands of £s in having blood tests everyone I come across have more than trace metals in their body which are stored in fats and bone. A group of us with MS autoimmune problems all share the same lab results.
I have worked out we have all been exposed with either toxins or pesticides one time or other. Arsenic is a real problem it can cause debetus. We all need to live a toxic free lifestyle which is difficult given that benzene is in so many products.
This subject is so important to make people aware, thanks for bringing up the subject. tarter  
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I have not been to this forum in awhile mostly due to the fact that people here seem to be stuck in the PROBLEM and not the solution.  I've continued my education and reading and researching into autoimmune issues etc.  I feel that i am very well educated on this subject overall.

I challenge you all to go back and study what "health" really means.  I see people on this thread and many others here on this forum and on all other health forums that I've been in over the years talk about CAUSES.  True , most of us want to know what CAUSED the illnesses that we have so we can AVOID them, have our family avoid them, and by all means try and educate others on avoiding them too.  HOWEVER
one thing I don't see addressed enough is the IMMUNE SYSTEM itself.

It only makes sense that IF you have an immune system that is functioning as it should...it could/would/will deal with any kind of toxin overload and or exposure of heavy metals etc.  Now here in lies the issue...we all have autoimmune diseases...as far as I am concerned there is no "professional"..medical, alternative or otherwise who has this issue "cornered"..meaning the jury is STILL out on what the causes are...I have my own theories and I have come to believe in the end you must begin at the beginning..YOUR FOOD.

Will changing your food CURE you? I have no idea.  I do know the amount of information I am finding that links our diets to our diseases is HUGE..I mean absolutley HUGE!  and where do we find this information?  why don't we hear more about it on the eveing news?  why do we not know that the higher the animal products consumption the higher the cancer rate ( of all cancers)..why do we still continue to hear on the news that cancer has gotten better in certain areas of the body when only they are manipulating the statistics to "look" as if it has...why is the American Cancer Society telling people the wrong information and getting away with it STILL!

See if you feed your body what it needs ( and finding out what that is is everyone's individual responsibility), your immune system is able to function properly.

is there MULTIPLE reasons for disease? YES!  Do we need to know CAUSES, YES!  But most of these I have found are no brainers.  Obviously MERCURY in any form INSIDE the body, whether through amalagam/mercury fillings or immunizations or chemicals in the air is BAD FOR YOU!  Can you detox from the mercury YES! I have done it..am doing it...sterified fatty acids engulf the mercury and take it OUT of the body, yes even fat tissue...there are MANY SOLUTIONS..but first you must be willing to learn everything you can..and I mean everything..not just what the media gives you.

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An interesting thing I have been able to pinpoint is animal products have caused my "fine tremors" and my irregular heart beat.  Hands down...I've experimented on myself and found when i eat animal products ( meat, diary, cheese, fish..anything animal related) it causes the heart beat to go wacky and my fine tremors to return.  Now I saw a movie that EXPLAINS why this is ( Healing Cancer from Inside)..no I don't have cancer...but in my quest to understand how the body functions, how the body heals and how people have CURED themselves of all kinds of illnesses when the doctors have told them they have no idea what's wrong, I am looking at EVERYTHING that is available.  And no I can't look and read absolutley everything..there aren't enough hours in a day. lol Animal products cause 100's of issues in the body...100's!!! Could it be that they cause autoimmune issues as well?

Ok second point..my belief is that 99.9% of all illnesses can be reversed.  I've been raised with this belief, it is part of who I am.  This alone can cause a person to thrive or just survive this journey of life.  Look into books that talk about mind over matter etc...authors like Wayne Dyer, Dr. Gabriel Cousins M.D., Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D., have much to offer a person who wants to heal.

Third point...energy medicine is huge when it comes to healing.  You first must believe without a doubt that you can get better.  You are NOT an aimless victim in all of this...everything is on purpose and YOU are IN CHARGE of your destiny!  period!  I have personally seen many people's lives improve with just a diet change and a positive mind set change...do some still have dis-ease sure...but you wouldn't know it!
Are some compeletly healed YES! and you would know that because most of them tell people what has happened to them.

So back on point: autoimmune is showing up in today's society in HUGE numbers because it is TIME, I think, that we pay attention to the one thing that has the power to heal us and that's our food supply in the United States...it is being run by big business and it's time to simplify our food and our lives...is this a tall order to fill, you bet...is it doable on a daily basis , absolutley.  All you have to do is be ready to make the change...find people to support you in those changes...and begin to take back the control of your life and your health.

Eat well, live well, be well.
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anytime you can rid the body of something it must expend energy to "fix"...it frees up that energy for healing. ( this can be pesticides, herbacides, hormones in meat, gluten, dairy, cheese, toxic metals in your mouth, fat, bones, breathing in air from a diesel truck, plastic bottles, hair sprays, fingernail polish, supplements with added this and added that..etc.)

For example..if I go eat Mc. D's for lunch, my body has to expend energy all the rest of the day and maybe even into tomorrow to try and break down and get rid of the toxins in that meal...IF instead I ate an organic green salad and an apple for lunch..there is MUCH less energy expended to digest that meal AND since it is HIGH in nutrient value it is actually going to HELP my body do what it needs and if I have say an infection or cancer ( that I'm not even aware of yet, most cancers take over 10 years to grow to detection) then my body is healing and keeping me healthy..in reality doing what it's suppose to do.

Now look at how many times over just the last month you have eaten something that is taking up energy and NOT feeding you...leaving you in a deficiet? no wonder we're sick ;-)

FOOD is the place to start, we eat it 3-4-5 times a day..and I say go raw organic for just 6 weeks...that in and of itself is NOT going to do any harm..you WILL go through detox...a wholefoods diet is NOT going to heal the body back to health because there are so many things you have not been told about WHOLEFOODS...the information is SO confusing...I am finding out myself what raw organic can do.  It's simply amazing this information is buried so deep most can't have access to it unless they look it the right places.

Guess I'm on a soap box today...my apologies
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I love to read your post.  Only the body can heal itself.  The drugs given by the doctors just cover up these problems.  These drugs are toxic and the body must eventually deal with this problem.  I had a friend with cancer of the liver.  She went through the chemotherapy and after the doctors told her there was no hope she went to Mexico for nutritional treatment.  Problem is she waited too long and at some point the body can no longer heal itself.  Diet is why we have an explosion in health care problems and it can only get worse with the things most of the people are eating.

If you look at it logically why do we have an explosion of all these neurological diseases and names I had never heard of when I was young.  What has suddenly made everyone sick?  When I was young you couldn't buy hamberger helper.  It didn't exist.  Many of these processed foods didn't exist then.  All these man made foods are a real problem and have a part in the illness we are seeing.  All these preservatives, pesticides and steriods are taking a toll on the body.  To give an example: I make my own muffins.  After about 3 days they start turning moldy because they do not have the hydrogenated oils and preservatives to keep the bacteria from attacking it.  We have bacteria in our stomack which processes the food we eat.  If the bacteria outside us can't attack this food how can we expect the bacteria in our stomack to process this food.  Many do not realize the body is actually starving because we are not giving it the food it needs.  

Glad you are feeling better.  
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You are EXACTLY right in all that you stated above.
And until people wake up and stop being the victim in all of this they aren't going to get better they will get worse.
Sorry to hear about your friend but that is the grim truth, some people get the information they need too late in the game.  The chemo was probably the last straw for her, the body couldn't come back from that.
I'm all about education.  But people need to begin to put their dollars where they need to put their dollars.  They need to educate themselves about THE FOOD SUPPLY in the United States!  It IS a mess and it is SOOOOOO ADDICTIVE....fat is an appetite stimulator...you have to do whatever it takes to get off the fast food and then the processed food....eat fresh whole raw food most of the day...then the body atleast has somewhat of a chance to repair the damage you've done to it all the years you've been eating what America eats...just look at The Biggest Loser....use to be you could only find those size people once in awhile...now they have an entire show and the people are getting BIGGER every year...I love the Biggest Loser but wish they would do a RAW biggest loser lol :-) I picked Danny at the beginning of this season...I trust they all have started to work with their emotional issues...we need support to stay healthy with all the bad food we've been trained to eat by the tons!

I'm teaching 18 workshops and books studies Jan-Apr in my coaching business and 1/2 of them are about educating people about the food they are putting in their bodies.
I'm still losing weight..down to 168 now...and feeling good...want to get off the thyroid meds but that will come in time or it won't , not HUNG UP there...

If you want to see something awesome go to youtube and search for Dave the Raw Food Trucker...look at how this man has changed his life..he's done with cancer and diabetes....FOOD makes all the difference in the world!

Good to hear from you want2bik1 :-)
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I'm not arguing with anyone, but raw food isn't the *panacea* for AI diseases.  All I know is that it has something to do with our immune systems (of course) and something to do a wacky gene that hasn't been clearly identified yet.  

If raw food is your thing, good for you.  My theory is that you only live once, we're all going to die anyways, so you might as well enjoy yourself.  So, I'll have Burger King once every 2-3 weeks or so, simply because I enjoy it.  Not eating it is not going to reverse my rheumatic fever, grave's disease, vitiligo, or MS... And whatever else live throws at me in my short 28 years on the planet.  Might as well be happy.  :)  
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please google the marshall protocol. i am new to this website and dont know if its been discussed but it may revolutionize the whole treatment of autoimmune disease if he is right. the nih is now funding further research on his theory which has cured mutiple cases of autoimmune disease including his own. he had sarcoidosis and now his cxr and labs are clear. he is developing the attention of many in the medical community right now. check it out! good luck.
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I didn't say raw food was the cure all.  You didn't understand what I wrote..  One reason why I don't come here very often.  People want to be sick, they want to give all the responsibility to someone else, to a toxic chemical, to a gene expression etc. I'm not saying you are , however.

Yes by all means be happy.

I'm looking for intelligent conversation with people who have a vested interest in healing the body back to health.

Raw food IS healing my Hashimoto's, Pernicious Anemia, Pre-Diabetes and Hypothyroid Disease.  But I'm not the only one.  There are literally thousands who are seeing healing of thier chronic diseases that their doctors once told them couldn't and would never be cured. You can choose to do your own investigating or not.  

I'm just offering it up for discussion and one "answer" to the autoimmune issue.

The "gene" theory is just that...it's not about genes unless you take one step backwards and look at WHY the gene expresses itself at a certain time...and that is directly related to the food we are eating. There is a direct link. Read Eat To Live by Dr. Fuhrman M.D. or Dr. Gabriel Cousins M.D. The "bad" food causes a breakdown in the chain of health.  Therefore the "gene" has an OPPORTUNITY to be expressed and manifest. You don't HAVE to manifest an autoimmune disease..it is through lifestyle choices that it has been able to express itself at the time it did in your life.  Lifestyle choices are just that, a choice.  The power to change your health picture is yours and yours alone.

If you want symptoms relieved go to an MD.  If you want health and healing go to a healer. ;-)  That's pretty simple.

I'm sorry you felt like I or anyone else was arguing with you.
I thought this was a forum of dicussion.
I'm only sharing what I have learned and have tried out on myself in the last 8-12 months.

Be well,
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Most people cannot accept the fact that something as simple as food (organic, raw, steamed) can heal.
It can, I'm proof.
~ Amy~
And wouldn't it be worth it to try it out on yourself?  instead of using drugs that cause harm to the body?  food , the last i checked costs LESS than drugs...and it helps the body heal...so it's a win win? right?
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