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I have a connective tissue disease.  My ANA always stays positive at 1:360.  The patterns are always speckled and neucleolar.  Any suggestions on if this could be Lupus?  I would love any questions, because then I can give answers and any help I can get.
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Hey postie.
It would be nice if the criteria could  be simplified for diagnosing Lupus?
Au contraire, it involves engaging in a rather complex and detailed investigative process, in order to arrive to any  accurate determination.

Classification Criteria for the Diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

    Malar rash: Fixed erythema, flat or raised, over the malar eminences
    Discoid rash: Erythematous circular raised patches with adherent keratotic scaling and follicular plugging; atrophic scarring may occur
    Photosensitivity: Exposure to ultraviolet light causes rash
    Oral ulcers: Includes oral and nasopharyngeal ulcers, observed by physician
    Arthritis: Nonerosive arthritis of two or more peripheral joints, with tenderness, swelling, or effusion
    Serositis: Pleuritis or pericarditis documented by ECG or rub or evidence of effusion
    Renal disorder: Proteinuria >0.5 g/d or 3+, or cellular casts
    Neurologic disorder: Seizures or psychosis without other causes
    Hematologic disorder: Hemolytic anemia or leukopenia (<4000/L) or lymphopenia (<1500/L) or thrombocytopenia (<100,000/L) in the absence of offending drugs
    Immunologic disorder: Anti-dsDNA, anti-Sm, and/or anti-phospholipid
    Antinuclear antibodies: An abnormal titer of ANA by immunofluorescence or an equivalent assay at any point in time in the absence of drugs known to induce ANAs

Any combination of 4 or more of 11 criteria, well-documented at any time during a patient's history, makes it likely that the patient has SLE (specificity and sensitivity are 95% and 75%, respectively).

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Niko:
These are the ones I have.  
I have a red rash over the nose and cheeks, but does not spare the naso folds.
I have the photosensitivity really bad.
I have a low white count every single time.
I also always have had the positive ANA, which started positive at 160 and now has always stayed at 1:320.
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AI's can take years to diagnose. How long have you had these symptoms? UCTD may be a consideration or you may be in the beginning stages of developing an AI. These things take time and it can be really frustrating. What is your Dr. saying?
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I have had symptoms since 1998.  When I first got sick, I had the severe fatigue.  Over the years, my sympoms are becoming worse.  My Rheumatologist said I have too many symptoms not to be lupus, but yet on the diagnosis code it says unconnective tissue diseas.  I beleive that is what it says.  Or maybe that's not the correct word.  Does that sound correct?
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Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (UCTD,) is probably what it says. Its a very vague diagnosis. It just means that you have symptoms of a couple of different AI's, but not enough to fit the criteria for one of the more well defined AI's. They may not be able to diagnose you without another positive lab, such as Anti-Sm etc. They also like to look for organ system involvement. Based off of your symptoms, I would say that UCTD is correct. If you really feel that there is more to it, you could always get a second opinion. The treatment for UCTD and Lupus are usually the same, either way. Does she have you on anything? I would do some research on UCTD. There isnt a whole lot out there, but it may help you to understand it more.
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Thanks Chance.  I have 3 full symtpms of Lupus, and I would count 4 with the rash on my nose and cheeks--but not sure if it's butterfly rash.  I'm not on anything.  But I will research it.
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