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Leg Fatigue x 3 years

About 3 years ago, I developed leg fatigue climbing stairs that was just unbearable. I knew my thyroid was out of whack (hadn't taken medicine for years) and that I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Anyway, got the thyroid under control and leg fatigue continued and worsened. Vascular study was fine, EMG and nerve conductivity were fine. Also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and sleep deprivation and Restless Leg Syndrome. Drs keep saying it is a long process to come up with a diagnosis.My rheum thought maybe a hereditary enzyme disorder and was headed in that direction.  Quite by accident the wrong lab test was run in the process of ruling out myositis/polymyositis (father had that) - they ran an SSA instead and this was positive. Waiting on a re-run of the SSA and SSB tests to determine where to go next. Does a positive SSA mean that it is not likely a enzyme disorder but rather something else? This is frustrating.
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Could you elaborate on what you mean by leg "fatigue"? Are you physically unable to climb the stairs? How many stairs can you go before you have to stop and rest? How long does it take to recover leg strength to go on? Is there any unilaterality, or is it completely bilateral in nature?
The accurate description of what you are experiencing is more significant than the lab testing. First things first.
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This is a symptom I do know about.  Many auto immune deseases cross over to other parts of the body.  Please ask the doctors to check your liver function.  AMA (Anti Mitocondrial Antibody) and ANA (Anti Nuclear Antibody.  If you have developed PBC (Primary Biliary Cirrosis) or AIH (Auto Immune Hepatitis)  you need to know about it.  It is sometimes hard to detect but the feeling in your legs is very familiar to me when I have a flare up of my condition.  People with MS have this too. (all auto immune).  It feels like there is totally no power in you legs at all doesnt it and you try to step up and I explain it that there is no 'push' there.  They dont work.  Also the aching is terrible when you do have to go up a slope or some stairs.  Ask the doctor for these tests anyway, just to eliminate the conditions.  The things your father had could probably be genetic and could manefest in any of these auto immune conditions including fibro myalgia. There are drugs to make you feel easier but I found steroids to make my legs feel heavier.
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My ANA has been negative, and they did check my kidneys (after an episode where they thought it might be stones) and also my liver - levels and they appear good. Although there has been some improvement - RLS has settled down, sleeping better, there is always the lingering fatigue. Some days my muscles feel spent and sore. I have recently had severe heartburn that lasted for a week and difficulty swallowing that comes and goes (full like strep throat but no pain) and flashing red lights when I first wake up. I had asked for an MRI but my pcp didn't think it warranted. Should I push this issue? I just seem to roll from one episode to the next with no answers (been told it must be a virus so many times in the last 3 years!) The only part that stays the same is the extreme exercise induced fatigue.
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