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Limited Scleroderma / CREST syndrome

I've been diagnosed with Limited Scleroderma / CREST Syndrome,   this all started with in 6 months after my first knee replacement, since my second I seem to have doubled my problems and only reasonally been given a name for all my problems.  My question is..........  Could all this be a result of metal poisoning??????     I know I can not have, hold, wear or use anything with metal of any kind without a reaction.    Even shampoo will give me instead trouble, I immediately get a metalic taste in my mouth.
Being so sensitive to metal it seems to stand to reason that my problems are more likely to be coming from the titanium knee joints.     What do you think????
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I'm sure they would have told you if metals were the problem. I really hope they made a mistake . My brother-inlaw had it and he was miserable. Sorry , but I was checked for heavy metals when I had my regular blood work. I didn't have any but would assume that is a standard test and they would have told you .
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No it is not a standard test over here in New Zealand, but, I have asked for it to be done and my doctor seems reluctant as he say the highest quality metals are use for surgery.
So I told him to put my mind at rest I want the test done and would you believe he said - not now, come back next week and we will talk about it.    Can understand what the big deal is.   As well as a GP he also works at the hospital, I would be surprised if the government are importing in cheaper lower grade surgical metals.  You say you brother in law WAS miserable, does this mean he has past on?
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Yes here in the US heavy metal tests are done if you are suspected to have an unknown illness. Not ususally for knee replacement. My brother has had his knee repaced four times for some reason it  just is not working for him .So he is in constant pain. Thats why I'm reluctant to have my knee caps replaced. But what I understand is the titaniam does not leak into your system. As for my brother in-law he never had knee replacement he had scleraderma/CREST syndrome which is a form of arthritis. He has unfortunately passed on. My sister has Lupus which is arthritis related . My brother has gout which is also an arthritis . So that's one of the reasons I was tested for heavy metals. HEREDITY ISN'T IT JUST GRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!  of course my brother-in-law was not biologidly  realated. Just seemed that way . He was great.  cat33
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