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Lip biopsy........is it REALLY as bad as I have heard?

Hi y'all!
I'm a soon to be 42 y/o female who just got tested for Sjogren;s today. My Rheumy ordered a CBC, Sed Rate, ANA, RF and I believe SS-A & SS-B.......was told that if my blood didn't confirm Sjogren's that I would undergo a lip biopsy. Now I have heard some horror stories about how bad it hurts. So if ANYONE could shed ANY light on the entire process I would GREATLY appreciate it!

The reason I am suspected of having Sjogren's is I have had CHRONIC dry mouth since early Jan. The dry mouth happens EVERY DAY to some extant. Some days are worse than others but every day I experience it to some degree. I have trouble swallowing. In fact I have had to be taken off one of my daily meds because I suddenly became unable to swallow this pill.....after being on this pill at this same dosage for quite a while. I get strangled VERY easily while eating. I have been Vit D deficient for the past 3 years.....my latest blood test on 2/24/16  for Vit D my level was 14.

I am pretty healthy......I have joint pain but nothing too bad. I just deal with it. I get fatigued easily. I do have Bipolar Disorder/SAD (social) OCD PTSD for which I take daily meds. And BTW I have been on this "cocktail" for over 1 1/2 years and have not had a increase in meds in quite a while. My dry mouth just started out of the blue.....

Thanks in advance to anyone that replies.
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I'm sorry for my potential ignorance but isn't it possible to have dry mouth because of the pills/medicine?
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yes it is possible. But I have been on these same meds for years and there has been no increase in quite some time. So both my PCP & Rheumy agree that suddenly developing chronic mouth is not because of my meds.

My chronic dry mouth started in Jan and I have it to some degree everyday! Some days are worse than others but nonetheless I experience it everyday!

I appreciate you taking time to reply!
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I am just seeing this and you have probably had the pricedure done.  I have had a lip biopsy and carotid gland biopsy.  The lip biopsy was no worse then getting a shot at the dentist and was very quick.  Actually, was to,d my lip would be numb for a few weeks. That was about 3 years ago and that spot is still numb!  My tests were negative for Sjorgens but I suffer horrible dry mouth and throat.  I am constantly drinking something or chewing sugarless gum.  It is horrible to deal with.  I will caution you to be extremely careful about your dental health!  My gums are now receding and have some loose teeth.  I use almost all of the Biotene products also.  No definitive answers for me.
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