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List of symptoms - please advise

For a long time now I have had a number of apparently unrelated symptoms. My mother has MS and my sister psoriasis and recently I have found out that I have highly active Natural Killer cells (which is often a sign of an underlying autoimmune problem). My symptoms are listed below in order in which they appeared. Does anybody have any idea if these could be indicative of something? I have been tested for diabetes and that was negative. I am also currently undergoing IVF treatment and had one failed cycle.

- Ongoing for past 7 years: Constant thirst, diorhoea and bloating, gluten-intolerance, cold fingers and toes, occasional tingling fingers, mood swings, headaches and dizziness if I don't eat every 3 or 4 hours
-For past 5 years: Sore throats, white spots on tonsils, swollen glands, tiredness
-Past year or 2: Pressure behind my eyes, Back pain, nausea, dizziness, occasional itchiness, infertility

The tiredness, dizziness and nauseau comes and goes. I haven't had the white spots in a long time. The worst is the constant thirst - the other night I drank about 3 litres of water in 15 minutes. My body temperature is always low, and the tips of my fingers usually freezing and sometimes go purple. None of the symptoms are bad enough to completely debilitate me or keep me from working, but I often feel completely drained on the weekends and holidays and always seem to have at least 2 or 3 symptoms.

I'd appreciate any feedback anybody could give me. I'm in London, England so if anybody knows of any good specialists here could you let me know?


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Have you talked to your physician about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?
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Keep in mind, I am NOT a doctor.  So, all this is in my opinion and what I've read or what I've had my doctors try to rule out in my own diagnosis.

Thirst is one of the symptoms of sjorgen syndrome.  Sjorgen syndrome can also occur with other autoimmune diseases, so you could have sjorgen and something else or just sjorgen by itself.  It involves dry mouth and can also cause dryness in other organs.  Sometimes people have extreme fatigue and joint pain to go with it.  I know about sjorgen's because it was one of the things a doctor I had years ago had ruled out that I didn't have.  Check out the website http://www.sjogrens.org/

The tingling fingers and them going purple, you might have Raynauds syndrome.  Check out the website
It has something to do with blood flow not getting to your outer extremeties such as your fingers and toes, and really cold weather can make it a lot worse and painful.  I have it, which is why I know about it.  It can also be a symptom that occurs with autoimmune disorders such as lupus or fibromyalgia or other diseases.  It can also occur by itself.  A lot of doctors dismiss it as being irrelevant, but I think if it is symptomatic of other autoimmune diseases, they shouldn't discount it if you have other symptoms going on as well.  My body temps are always low, like around 97 degrees and sometimes a little lower.  Not sure if it's related to the Raynauds or not, but maybe it is.

Tingling fingers and poor circulation can also be symtoms of other diseases besides Raynauds, so you really need a doctor to confirm your suspicions, if that's what you think you have.  Research it online, google raynauds and see what comes up.  Totally ask the doctor about it though.

Autoimmune diseases I think can be genetic.  So, if a family member has one autoimmune disease, you might be more likely to get an autoimmune disease, but not necessarily the same one that the family member has.  If you have a mom with MS, that makes you more likely to have an autoimmune disease, at least that's what I've read.  I have history of autoimmune diseases on both sides of my family, so me getting fibromyalgia (well, that's the latest thing the doctor thinks it is, previously they thought I had lupus) was not a surprise to my family.

Chronic fatigue can coexist with other autoimmune diseases.   If you have all those symptoms going on, I would want other things ruled out.  Especially if you have a disease that could have a serious impact on your body.  I think sjorgens can impact your eyes and dental health as well.  Ask your doctor about the sjorgens and if you don't have it, at least you get that ruled out and not worry about it.

Don't know how to respond to your other problems.  Sounds like you have a couple autoimmune things going on in conjunction with each other, though.  And, no I'm not a doctor, as I said before, but I've been there, done that, etc.  Having more than one thing going on possibly makes getting a diagnosis from a doctor harder.  I don't know, it's kind of like having a few items from column A, a few from column B, a few from column C, and the doctor is looking at you like they wish you would just go away because they can't easily figure you out.  I think if it isn't cut and dry and clearly matching what the symptoms are supposed to be, doctors sometimes think you are making it up.  Finding a good doctor who will listen to you is a very hard thing.  

Sorry you going through problems finding a good specialist.  I'm in the US, so can't recommend anyone over there.  Good luck finding a doc.  Good luck trying to get treatment for your symptoms and a diagnosis.  Hang in there.  Try to get some medicine for the symptoms even if they can't label what it is you have.  

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Oh, forgot to add... stuff about fibromyalgia... I have it so I hate to assume other people have it without ruling out other things... but fibromyalgia people can have symtoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), mood swings, and headaches.  Your extreme thirst however, sounds like something else, which is why I had mentioned the sjorgens.  It is possible you have both sjorgens and fibromyalgia.  Fibro and sjorgens both have some overlapping symptoms like fatigue.  But if you don't have muscle or joint pain, then fibromyalgia probably not it.  
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You seem to have most if not all of the symptoms my sister has cold fingers, toes, fatigue, and much more. She has only mentioned  of the illness she has so check out the web.for them they may match some of your symptoms. She has diabetis, hypertension, reynauds syndrom and lupus. Good ludk to you hope you find a solution to your problems. cat33

Yes autoimmune can be hereditery, So far they haven't found it in me but I've been checked twice for lupus when I mention my sister having an autoimmune disease. Don't have it yet thank god. Your symptoms would certainly debilatate me.
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