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Every time, I do a CBC everything come back normal except low WBC with results between (2.9 - 4.1). I have a medical history of my blood since I was 2 years with same blood results.  Also, my father (46 years old) has almost same results 3.5-3.7 WBC for the last 3 years ago. My family doctor referred me to hematology who thinks I'm fine, and said I have low Neutrophil and this is normal to people from Middle East.

However, after ignoring this I have developed since last year: shingles, eye floaters, multiple tonsil stones, left tonsil enlargement, mild sore throat and pain on left hip joint. Still doctors I have seen believe this is not a sing of emergency, and no need to further evolution. What do you think, and recommend?

Tests I have done ( I repeated below tests several times):
WBC (Low)                        3.0        range 4-11
Absolute Neutrophil (low)    1.5        range 1.6-9.3
Protein Total (High)            8.4        range 6-8

HIV 1/O/2 abs-icma           negative
Hep A,B,C                         negative
ANA                                  negative  
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Since you have these problems of hip joint pain and sore throat along with low neutrophil count, your must investigate for Vit B12 or folate deficiency and viral infection like EBV/mono/infectious nucleosis.  Lupus is anther possibility that should be investigated. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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