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Lupus or food allergies??

I've been going through testing with my PCP to see whether I have Lupus or not. I have many of the symptoms:

terrible fatigue, achy/painful joints, swelling around one ankle, a redness on my nose that might be the rash, extremely dry eyes, frequently get sic, etc

However, of all the labs we've done everything seems to come back normal. My ANA was only 7.2, CRP was .52

So because of the labs, my doctor says it's not Lupus and is steering towards food allergies instead. I had a meeting with a nutritionist to discuss doing a elimination diet, but because we're nearing the holidays she advised against it and said to wait until January.

In the meantime, I feel like my energy and strength are just zapped & have now been running a low grade fever for several days. I don't know if I should mention the fever to my doctor as a possible symptom, or if I'm just fighting off a bug? (It's highly unusual for me to run a temp, even when sick)
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Hi yabby.

Do you want to verify the ANA titre?
They are given as fractions since they represent dilutions of the original sample, which double in each stage till no antibody is detected and the last titre prior to this, is what gets reported:
1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320,  etc.
Most rheumatologists will not consider anything below 1:160

Your CRP is fine.

Has hypothyroidism been ruled out?
The proper tests to be 100% certain for accuracy are: Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3. All 3 are needed and you must insist to get them even if not all covered by insurance (reverse T3 may not have an insurance code)

You can do on your own Dr. Coca's Pulse test instead of the elimination diet. It only takes a week of pulse taking at various times, before & after
ingesting food or drinks and keeping a detailed record of all foods, drinks and pulse readings. It will show with a good degree of accuracy any allergies or sensitivity, including hidden or delayed sensitivity, which is usually very difficult to attribute to the offending substance.

Gluten and wheat are the major offenders and dairy is next.

Your immunity is low, so it's easier to catch a "bug". Let it run its course, unless it worsens.

Beware of the effects of stress, specially hidden stress.
Get an Adrenal Stress Profile (urine test) for this.

Hope it helps.
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Oops, Adrenal Stress Profile, is a Saliva test -NOT urine.
My apologies for the oversight
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