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MCTD, having concentration problems

The only thing I am taking to fight this disorder is plaquenil. I am trying to study and my concentration is quite bad where I have chronic fatiuge. I tried Strattera but all I wanted to do was sleep. Should I stoop to adderall or address the problem, MCTD, and try another medication for it?
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Hi Mary-Alice.
I don't know too mush about meds. But I now some about alternative and
natural. For MCTD ,  a whole body and face bentonite clay detox 3x consecutive (one session).
Apply thin solution, fan dry,wash and repeat 3x. Put coconut oil,aloe vera oil and water solution on your body after to prevent dryness. 4-5 days.
For pain you may want to put a few drops of DMSO,but only 10% solution if putting on neck and face. Make sure your skin is very clean before application if using DMSO as it a powerful driver and it will drive impurities in you body! For the rest of your body use 30% DMSO to 70% distilled water. Do not rub it, just apply a thin layer. DMSO only from veterinarians or vet. supply shops . But it works great for pain and it's a top anti-oxidant. I use Lab Grade.
Repeat daily or as your pain dictates.
You will benefit from Transdermal Magnesium Chloride  (magnesium oil)
on days not doing the clay detox. You can search it or pm me as I have this down to a science. Also Bloodroot tinctures are good for SLE, MCTD
10 drops in 1/2 liter of filtered water total, taken in four doses daily.
Any fungal remedies like
-coconut oil (extra virgin is what I use) for cooking as all other cooking oils are pro-inflammatory! Do "oil pulling" with it daily!
-1t baking soda,1/2t potassium citrate,1/8t borax in 2Liters of filtered water
and drink throughout the day. take  for 4-5 days with 2-3 days off.
-An alkaline diet is a must for these conditions. Take no acid forming foods and same with supplements. Ask your pharmacist or herbalist if unsure. like B6 and nicotinic acid are acid forming.
Buy strips for testing. urine PH to be 7+
-No fluoride, no chlorine. make sure your water is free of those 2 poisons.
Same with your toothpaste. make your own if you prefer.
-Any commercial cosmetics and soaps, screen for safety with the cosmetics database website.
-malic acid for reduced pain.
Vitamin D3 Sublingual 2000iu, Omega-3 from small cold water fish 2xdaily
1000mg caps
Hope these recommendations help.
Please research on your own to verify them.
if you need more details let me know. I make many of my own things so if you need the recipes or methods I may have them.

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