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Many symptoms

My symptoms are as follows
Hives on back, left arm & armpit, neck and face
Soft stools
Occasional sweatiness, kind of like a hot flash
Crying easily
I am 53 y.o. Female, post menopausal, no menses for last 5 years
I have taken the following meds since 1999 for a brain injury following car accident
In a.m. 300 mg neurontin, 75mg Effexor X-ray, 450 mg Wellbutrin XML
In p.m. 600mg neurontin
I also take for general health Centrum for women over 50 and a baby aspirin for family history of heart problems
I also take daily for hot flashes, tri-omega, flax and 2000 mg evening primrose, and flash fighters, a combo of **** quai, black cohosh,licorice, vitex and soy isoflavanoids.

The above symptoms started 2 weeks ago, hives were treated w/ antihistamines otherwise I have little relief.  I do feel better for about 30-60min after eating and then the nausea, shaking, dizziness all come back.  My doctor recently retired and I have an appt. with a new one on the 24th.  The first appt. I could get after calling 5 different doctors offices. All were busy with the flu season.  BTW I did have my flu shot awhile ago, so that's not it.
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Viral infections may be responsible for your flu-like symptoms, including the hives. Your flu shot is not guarranteed to work against all strains of the flu.
The flu shot targets the most LIKELY strains.

You may have malabsorption issues presently, interfering with the
proper metabolism and assimilation of the active chemicals in Effexor
(most likely) leading to crying easily and the same thing for your other supplements and meds leading to experiencing symptoms consistent with the condition you are taking them for.

I hope this helps.
Take care and speedy recovery!

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Went back to dermatologist and got biopsy back.  It was urticaria.  He sent me for a full panel of blood work.  The symptoms are similar to when I had a potassium overdose due to too much Vitamin water.  Results should be back this afternoon.
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Urticaria is just another word for hives.
There are many different causes, allergy or reaction to something, viral, but for the majority there's no explanation and they go away on their own most of the time.
Did you get any answers for the rest of your symptoms?
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Could these be signs of an oncoming heart attack?
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Hi Clmder.
Heart attack early signs. Hmm,... I don't think so.
From my studies in Cellular Medicine, I  have researched this actually in the past and they called Prodromal symptoms, indicating the start of a disease, ahead of the specific symptoms of the disease manifest, by days  or even by weeks!
For women they are (in order of most common and down):
1. Unusual fatigue  2. Sleep disturbance  3. Shortness of breath under normal circumstances.  4. Unusual distress and anxiety for no apparent reason. 5.Unexplained Dyspepsia (indigestion).

What I would suggest is for you to get a holistic CVD risk assessment, so you know were you stand. (if you haven't done this already).
Caution! The are many faults with the conventional assessment.
Reducing saturated fat and increasing carbs (recommended by the American heart Association) REDUCES! the so-called good cholesterol HDL and INCREASES! the bad small & dense particles of the so-called LDL cholesterol which are associated with INCREASED heart disease risk!!!

I can probably write a book or two on the - mostly intentional - holes
of our medical system. lol!

Don't take medical advice or other (including mine)100% for granted.
You should do your own careful and thorough research, to confirm
and verify the information given to you.
And FYI there's more Pseudo Science out there than Real Science!!!

   Post again if you have more questions or pm me directly.
   I wish you well.
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I have a huge family history of heart disease.  For two generations all 24 parents, aunts and uncles who are blood related have died of a heart attack or stroke.  Including my Mom's brother and father after who both died of sudden attacks at 47 y.o.  On top of my symptoms, I now have indigestion that feels like I have a giant lump of bread stuck in my throat.  Every now and then it spasms and it really hurts down to my breastbone.  I haven't been able to eat dinner for the last two days due to the pain. I think maybe I should go to the e.r.
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