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Multiple Sclerosis

Why aren't the Doctors able to give me a positive diagnosis for MS when all the tests are consistent with the disease?
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Hey songbird731,
Welcome to the forum.

The MS diagnostic criteria are much more complex than what most patients realize.
The 50 plus symptoms in MS symptomology are variable and many non-quantifiable. there are many other diseases that have a presentation of similar symptoms as MS.
LPs are not exclusive to MS- close to 90% are, which is not enough for a MS diagnosis.
It's like a court trial, where evidence has to be beyond ANY reasonable doubt!
Same with EPTs (evoked potential tests) are not exclusive to MS!

Neurological exams at the Neuro's office are far from conclusive.

MRIs have to clearly indicate ACTIVE lesions spinal or cerebral, and there must be more than one! And do you know how difficult it is to interpret
ACCURATELY MRIs? Very very difficult!
Two VERIFIABLE relapses at least a month apart are very difficult to obtain.

Many blood tests to rule out other diseases are often inconclusive.

One thing for sure, I would have never wanted to become a Neurologist,
even if they sit very high up in the Medical Hierarchy!

Another thing is that there are different levels of diagnosis.
Negative, possible, probable and 100% positive which you are NOT!
  The Consistency with MS of certain tests, is just outside the strict MS    diagnostic criteria.  There may be only a small percentage of doubt, a large percentage of indicative findings and yet this keeps the dx at possible or probable MS.
I understand that you need to put this to an end, however, there are things you can do for the time being to improve your condition.
Let me know if you need details.
Wish you well.

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Thank You, I have seen 2 Neurologists & both say they are not sure. With my latest hospitalization I was advised to follow up with another since one has retired and the other has decided to practice with a hospital group, saying his practice wasn't as lucrative as previous. Whatever I have LOL, I know a life change is in order begininng with my diet as I am obese. I have history of depression & anxiety. I will continue to become more acknowledgable about MS
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You mentioned there are things I can do to improve my condition. Could you give me the details? I have been out of the hospital since 4/27/12 & continue to have off and on periods of the same symptoms that I went in with including loss of appetite & weight loss of 7lbs. I was 422 lbs on 4/28/12 & this morning I am 415lbs. This is not a bad thing for me since I am obese. I am concerned about nutrition.
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Hi Songbird731.

I need to know more about you. Your habits, medical history,
any childhood or past traumatic events, your family situation,
medications, activities, and so on.

There are different approaches. I like the middle of the road approach,
where  immediate concerns are addressed and at the same time
medium and long term strategies are implemented.
Drastic measures often result in early discontinuation, as the mind or the body do not accept the new changes very easily and revolt!

So easy does it, always emphasising the positive.
For example, "losing" weight and "diet" have a negative connotation.
Another thing is that the subconscious mind does not make the difference of negative statements such as "I don't want to be overweight". The s/c mind retains the concept of  "I want to be obese" instead.

So I'll formulate a short list of suggestions, after I get your information.
I will let you dictate the pace, as giving too much all at once doesn't fit my theme of "easy does it"!

Off to work now. gtg!
Have a good day and keep an eye on that sudden weight loss.
It's unexplained, therefore, not as welcome as planned weight loss.
Take care.

PS:  If you feel more comfortable send me a private message

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