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Negative serum test and positive signs and symptoms

For about 18 months I have been having on and off mid upper abdominal pain, last 2 months nearly constant, chronic constipation, slightly relieved with fiber pills, sometimes only 2-3 bm's per week. Also have an unexplained 25 pound weight loss in 6 months, from 130 lbs to 107 lbs.  Also have chronic fatigue, slight anemia, and migraine headaches, as many as 20 migraines per month. I recently was tested for Celiac disease and my lab results were negative. IgA 247,anti-tTG 3, IgA gliadin 15 and IgG gliadin 8, also have slightly elevated Lipase 64.  I am not a drinker either. I have not had an EGD done, and colonoscopy was normal. Are there many false negatives with having Celiac disease? Also if not Celiac disease any idea of what it might be?  I am an RN who works 7pm to 7am three days a week. I hope this is enough info for you to give me a clue as to what is wrong with me, I am at my wits end
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the only positive way to diagnose celiac is with biopsy.  you can always go on a gluten free casien free diet and see if it relieves your symptoms.  there are many people who have mild celiac that may not be seen in a blood test, and antibody levels can fluctuate.  the colonoscopy would have ruled out chrons and inflamatory bowel disease those would be my only other thought.  i know you have probably heard it a million times before but do not dismiss stress as a cause.  it can certainly cause all of those symptoms and as an RN I am sure you have plenty of it.  because of the rapid weight loss (especially if your diet has not changed) if you are having ANY fevers or night sweats I would press your doctors to check you for lymphoma or some other form of cancer.  If the weight loss continues this is very concerning for something serious, dont let them brush you off.
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Have they done a CT scan & checked your pancreas??? elevated lipase would be questionable for a pancreas issue...maybe some pancreatitis.  i suffer SOD & sometimes have a mildly elevated amylase.  i'm a RN too :)  Hope this finds you with less pain.  God bless~
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i have had CT of abdomen, this was negative. I am scheduled to have an EGD and a CT of the chest to rule out Lymphoma. My blood work continues to come back negative except for the slightly elevated lipase. my new dr is great and said if we got no results from these new tests or my new meds, 25mcg synthroid my TSH was 3.7 and 10 of pancrease along with increasing my caloric intake with nutrition shakes he would admit me to the cleveland clinic, due to the fact that i am only 26. i also am switching to the day shift as an OR nurse and hope this will help mybody by being on a "normal" schedual of 5- 8 hr shifts. thanks for all of the suggestions.
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CT of chest negative, no cancer! EGD showed high suspicion of celiac disease. Having labs done to test for this again eventhough negative first time. all labs still normal except lipase still in 60-70's, barely elevated, and slightly anemic. thanks for all of the support and suggestions. i will keep you posted and if anyone thinks of anything else please feel free to suggest.
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switched to the day shift and gluten free diet march 31st, eventhough serum tests for celiac negative again! i have since gained back 8 pounds, my energy level has gotten much better, and migraines decreased 1-2 per week. bm's normal now and no mid abd pain. thanks for all of your support and suggestions through all of my problems.
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