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Never ending health problems

Please could someone shed some light or help.  I am going to give all the info I can here so please bear with me....I am a 34yr old woman, who at 19 was diagnosed with idiopathic Thrombocytopenia an auto immune disease which was thankfully treated with steriods.  I kept well up until the age of 28 when suddenly my skin erupted, unbearable itching, flushing, and this would leave me covered in eczema (which I had as a child), my skin was like crepe paper.  I was told I had Atopic eczema and sent away with steroid cream, bathing solutions etc, but it continued.  Then 2 yrs later pain started so much so I thought I was having a heart attack - then was diagnosed with gallstones and consequestly had my gall bladder removed.  The pathologist said it was the worse case he had ever seen in someone of my age.  My skin condition continued until I got so depressed I was sent to the allergy clinic.  I had 'floating stools' (sorry for the detail) and have always suffered with IBS and bloating ans occasional episodes of diarrhea.  I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy and told I was allergic to some meats.  These are chicken and pork.   Tehy also did a blood test and told me I was a 'very allergic person'.   My skin did improve - not perfect but I was far happier and could cope.  However it has all started again, horrendously dry skin, episodes of flushing and hot skin, itching and rashes.  I was always 10st until I hit 28 now at 34 I am 13 stone! Although I always watch what I eat. I feel depressed after these episodes am left exhausted.  I have no energy like I used to and at times feel 80!   I have read loads of things trying to find the answer, but never feel I am taken seriously.  Could this be linked to auto immune problems?  My lack of gallbladder? My pancreas or liver.  I am desperate, I am single and hardly go out because I am conscious of my skin, I can not eat out because of my allergies I am miserable and feel there is no end to this.  Any information or help would be so appreciated.  Thanks
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