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New Autoimmune Disorder\Menopause or..?

Note sure if I have another AI disorder (which is not uncommon) but here goes:

I am a 47 yr. old female.  I was diagnosed 2 yrs. ago with hypothyroidism\chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis.  I have a good Endo now.  He also diagnosed low Vitamin D.  Since the thyroid issue came up I have developed Hypertension and - as I suspected – I have type II Diabetes.  (Which I am controlling with diet & exercise.)  I don't drink & have never smoked.  I work out each day (walking, running, dance, weights, etc.)  No pregnancies.  I have lots of interests & hobbies, but do not overextend myself, and keep stress to a minimum.  Aslo, winter does number on me with low ligh low Vit D, etc.

I am currently on Levoxyl 125 mcg. (plus an additional half tablet on Sundays.)  Vitamin D is 50,000 IU each Sunday.  Lipitor is 20 mg. a day, and Diovan 320 mg. a day, plus aspirin therapy every other day.

Last July, I had LSH & FSH tests done.  The results were:  FSH: 15.5, and LH 28.0  I had these done again in Feb and the results were: FSH 10.9, and LH 58.6.  He said that I have started menopause.

My last Thyroid labs were:TSH 3:  1.313, T4, Free: 1.2  Also, my Serum Calcium was flagged at 9.0. My Vit D in December was 25-Hydroxy 66.5  In Oct (when I was feeling great) my results were: T4, Free: 1.05, and TSH 2.086.

For the last couple of months, about a week before my cycle begins, I have had shooting pains mostly in my calves\feet, and arms\hands.  The pains can also be grabbing or poking.  (Like when you have the flu.)  On about day five of my cycle a migraine starts up, and does not let go until about day 15.  (Years ago when I was on the pill, I would get migraines I take Imitrex.)  Ibuprofen does not really work (except for menstrual cramps).  Add in hot flashes & nausea.

I have days when I am foggy and\or tired (but a rarely yawn), but there are also days when I feel like me (rare).  I am normally an up person, but not hyper, and am able to get what I need done each day, and have energy to spare.  Frankly, Oct was the last time I was feeling like myself.

I have an appt. with my Endo this Friday where we will go over my latest bloodwork and my baseline bone scan.

My question is with these symptoms, where should be headed next?  A Rheumatologist for the pain, a Gyno for the symptoms related to my cycle, or…?  

Even though I am 47, and have these health issues, I want to not be dragging myself though life 2\3 of time.
And this is getting to be torture.

I think that getting screened for other AI disorders would be a good idea.  Any suggestions?

Many Thanks!
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