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Not convinced its Fibromyalgia

My name is Donna and I am 51 years old, 12 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I trusted what I was told and over the years have taken nearly every kind of anti-depressant known, all with awful side effects, much worse than the pain I was feeling. As the years have passed I have become more and more convinced that I was mis- diagnosed. When giving my symptoms to Dr.s I have told them from the start that it comes and goes, and I have this feeling of inner trimble, sometimes you see my hands are a little shaky but it really isn't visible. I seem to be having trouble with missing my step or stumbling, and now I have started to have some speech problems. I'm not slurring just stumbling over my words, as if my mouth is jumping ahead and skipping or misplacing the words I intend to say. I feel as if I am disconnected or in a dazy fog a lot of the time, but then I will get up one morning and feel great.  I have energy, I stay focused, and very little hurting if any. I have no insurance so it is hard for me to just go to the Dr let alone go for test. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Hi Donna and welcome to the forum.

It seems that most of your symptoms are neurological.
It does not appear to be very consistent with "typical" Fibromyalgia,
however, having said that, there are no 2 Fibromyalgia sufferers, the same,
and the list of the symptoms can vary extensively!

My suspicion would be serious deficiencies, including neurotransmitter and mineral deficiencies, with some of your anti-depressant drugs perhaps exasperating your symptoms.
Have you ever had any tests done for deficiencies?

Also look into Dr. Coca's Pulse Test for anything ingested that you may
be reactive. it's a free download.
There's a simplified "cheater version, if you're not up to doing the full test.

Here it is:
Dr. Cocoa's Pulse Test (simplified version)
-Just sit in a chair and come to rest for about 5 minutes.
-Take your pulse for a full 1 minute (NOT the 15 sec. multiply by 4 thing). -  -Put whatever you want to test in your mouth and chew it for 30 seconds.
- Take your pulse again. If you find it is faster by 6 beats, you are allergic or have a sensitivity to it.
If you have type “O” blood, use 4 beats as the criteria instead of 6. It’s that simple.

Hope this helps and should you have any questions pls post again.
Take care!

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Thanks for your response and I will definitely do the test! As for the anti-depressants, I weened myself off of them about a year ago, changed my diet and lost 24 lbs. I will never take them again!
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What you decribe can also be symptoms of hypothyroid (low thyroid hormone).

A TSH blood test is not enough - Drs are wrong in thinking this. The actual thyroid hormones need levels tested. Several blood test are avail able , but the most accurate are called "Free T3" and "Free T4".

T4 is the stroarge hormone that should be (in a healthy body) converted  to T3.

You can order / pay for these on line from "health check usa" and go to a patricipating lab listed in the nearest metropolitan area for the blood draw.
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I forgot, thyroid hormone T3 and T4 in the lower half of the range will still make symptoms in most people. Best in mid to upper levels. These might be off even if TSH looks good - fact.
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If you are getting checked for thyroid have the doc add a D3 test. My daughter was told she had fibromyalgia and it was a D3 deficiency. Lots of info about D3 at vitamindcouncil.org  Once the doc started her on 6,000 IU of D3 a day the symptoms gradually went away. I had the whole family tested and all of us were deficient. We all take different amounts of D3. We have blood tests 2 times a year to make sure we are in the "sweet spot" of 50-70mgl of vitamin D3. D3 helps the immune system work right. You can't eat enough to get it in food. Make sure they don't test D2 and tell you that you are fine. D3 is different. It is cheap to buy at Costco, walmart etc.

Have you been tested for food allergies/sensitivities?
My daughter also got relief with allergy elimination acupuncture. Some foods just didn't work well and she felt awful until they passed out of the system. Once she had the allergy elimination acupuncture she could eat those foods again. Look for NAET online and find some one who practices in your area.

Good luck.
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