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Not sure where to start, I think I have an autoimmune Disorder

I guess I will start by listing the symptoms that have worsened over the years

- inflammation whole body, worse in my neck middle back, wrists, shoulder, sometimes my leg locks up, jaw locks up often.

- Always tired and brain fog, sometimes I will forget what I was going to say mid sentence

- my gums sometimes will swell up so bad I can not eat and they bleed.  comes with severe headache and joint pain

- chronic cough seems like asthma.

- Started getting migraines, can feel pins and needles all over my face accompanied by light visuals

- gastrointestinal issues, intestine is clean but some redness, I was told there is no apparent reason for the sudden intense pain.  have been getting diarrhea and constipation since young teenager

-Eustachian tubes get stuck and ears are swollen.  low frequency hearing loss

-Acid reflux, chest pains

After years finally found something in lab results that may be useful, I have no idea:
- high platelet volume (MPV)
- low Lymphocytes

- I used to get tingling in my toes, they would just go numb.

I don't know if what or any of this is useful, I just decided to start looking into this my self today.  First time so don't really know what to look for or post that would be useful so any pointers would be greatful.

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