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Ok anyone with any insight into my health mess...

Test Results

-GGT:  73-80   normal range (8-35U/L)
-Sodium: 132      range(133-144mmol/L0
-Chloride: 96 range (98-111mol/L)
CRP, High Sensitivity: 15.7 mg/L
-Cholesterol 4-29-6.58   range (3.80-5.20mmol/L) *Note have had high cholesterol even in my early 20’s when a vegetarian, no longer a vegetarian)
-Triglycerides: 3.38-6.27   range (0.60-2.30mmol/L)
-HDL cholesterol:  0.87  range (>=0.90mmol/L)
-LDL: 1.78   range (2.00-3.40mmol)
-WBC: high consistently for the last 6 years. 9.2-15.1 rrange (4.0-11.0) (10E9/L)
-Neutrophils: 5.7-13.3   range (2.0-9.0)(10E9/L)

-Serotonin: normal
-GaBA-13.4  range (2-11)umol/gCr (*note meds benzos have probably inflated this result)
-Taurine: >2930.0  (extremely elevated and I don’t know why)   normal range (46.1-673 uMol/gCr
-Glycine: normal
-Glutamate-111.2 range (10.3-78.1 uMol/cCr) *Note very elevated
-Histmine: 35.3      range (6.9-33.3)
-PEA: 99.3    range(8.7-88.3) slightly elevated
-Dopamine: normal
-Dopac: normal
-norepinephrine:  108.4  range(15-74.8)* elevated but might be meds.
-epinephrine: normal
This isn't really a question just need some added info into what's going on from knowledgable people...thanks! I'm sick of being sick, don't know what's wrong.

Current meds: Elavil, Xanax, Zoplicone.

-Sympathetic tone: low
-Adrenal function: adrenal function might be impaired
-Immune Activation: high
-Oxidative Stress: High
-Central Imbalance: high
Also: adult onset scoliosis.
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Oh also TSH is normal
also have hypermobility
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Hi Mireno.
It can get frustrating when you can't get clear answers.
I'll try to help you with this.
The elevated GGT may have been caused by the Elavil.
Your inflammation may be caused by your high triglycerides
and what I suspect small density lipoproteins (they're derived from carbs mainly). Also contributing to this is a high
omega- 6 to omega-3 ratio (watch out for conventional meats
whereas pastured & grass-fed meats have high omega-3s,
and also inflammatory cooking oils-I use only coconut oil in my cooking, as it does not alter in higher heats)
These alone would explain your high oxidative stress.
You would benefit from taking anti-oxidants, like vitamin C
and precursors to Glutathione (the body's Master Antioxidant)
I take UNDENATURED whey isolate protein powder
(New Zealand -all grass-fed) mixed by hand only in my favorite juice.drink and never heated, as its chemical structure is very delicate.
I have found this to be an excellent way to supplement for boosting Glutathione levels.
One can never eliminate oxidation, since it is part of our many biological functions, so that is why it important to
have adequate levels of anti-oxidants in the body.

As for the neurotransmitters, I'm not a big proponent of urine testing, since there are far to many factors implicated in neurotransmitter FUNCTION.
And also, as someone said, it's like looking in the garbage to tell what is in the fridge, that you can actually use to nourish & sustain you,lol!
For adrenal function, I would recommend you look into BioHealth Labs "Functional Adrenal Stress Profile"
and as for neurotransmitters, find an old -fashioned practitioner, Functional medicine Doctor, etc. who will spend more time with you to figure this out properly, according to your symptoms, medical history and proper testing.
Your thyroid function would be affected because of the (suspected) adrenal stress,and not showing up on standard
thyroid tests, which are flawed, since they can only measure
serum levels, kinda useless in your case, where your (suspected) low thyroid function is due to thyoid-resistance
(type 2 hypothyroidism, likely secondary to low adrenal function). You need Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 test
to rule this out. And if positive, treatment is extremely delicate, as this imbalance is due to higher ranking adrenals down-regulating thyroid function, for their own recovery.
I hope you can find a knowledgeable practitioner to help you with all this
My feeling is that in the hands of conventional doctors,
your recovery would be very uncertain, as each piece
of your medical puzzle has to fit perfectly with the others,
something rather rare in conventional medicine.
let me know if you need further details in anything.
Best wishes,
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  Thank you so much for responding. It kinda put my mind at easy. What about the high WBC count for over ten years? I can barely walk anymore I'm tired of waiting for doctors who don't even give you test results or explain them...
Mireno, I don't have your medical history since the start of your high WBC, so it is difficult to draw any
conclusions from your test results you posted, as they are too recent.
I can only offer you some ideas:
-Chronic stress, including biological stress.
-Underlying low grade pathogenic infectious conditions, like Mycoplasma and its coinfections Babesia, Bartonella, Borellia, Ehrlichia, etc, which are notoriously hard to detect.
Do a search here on top of this page
under "Dr. Garth Nicolson" an expert in this field and also part-time contributor in Medhelp, for more details.
OAT Axis Imbalance (OAT= ovarian-

I hope this helps.
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