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PLEASE help interpret my labs, PLEASE!!!!

Just logged in on the patient portal and noticed that some of my blood work results were posted. But I have never seen results written this way!! I am so confused. If ANYONE can please shed ANY light on how to interpret them I would be SO grateful!!!

I don't have a follow up appointment until 4/1. My rheumy suspects Sjogren's.......

Rheumatoid Factor         Positive A
HsCRP Quant                 0.3 mg/dl Acute
                                                             Inflammation: >0.8 mg/dl)
Sed Rate                         7mm
R A Titer                          1:2 A

SSA/SSB SS-A/Ro Ab, IgG, S 0.7 U---Reference Value----<1.0 (Negative) SS-B/La, Ab, IgG, S <0.2 U--Reference Value----1.0 (Negative)

I hope this makes some sense......All I can make out of it is that I might be having something auto immune going on but it is just not presenting itself yet. So it looks like I will be having the lip biopsy when I go back to see my rheumy in April......

Thanks soooo much in advance if anyone replies!!

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