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POTS plus enlarged red blood cells?

My sister is 14 years old. This recent summer, she started feeling nauseous and tired all the time. After some testing, it was discovered that she had a parasite called giardia. After being treated for that, her symptoms got worse instead of better. She was (and still is) experiencing extreme fatigue, dizziness, and an irregularly fast heartbeat. After further testing, she was diagnosed with POTS (the autoimmune disorder) low potassium and enlarged red blood cells. Recently, the area behind her right knee became inflamed and is hard to the touch. Nothing showed up in the x-ray. So all together, her symptoms include extreme fatigue, the symptoms of POTS, and enlarged red blood cells. Is there any connection that be made between these symptoms?
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Hi AimeeNeiman.

So sorry about your sister's suffering.

Yes of course these symptoms and conditions are usually connected in some way, but establishing the connection is the real challenge.
Let's explore some possibilities here.

Hypochlohrydria -->Giardiasis --> Low IF --> B12 Deficiency --> Enlarged Red Cells & other imbalances which may lead to the onset of serious diseases.

Giardiasis ---> IBS-like illness --> malabsorption ---> CFS symptoms --->
Treatment adverse effects (dysbiosis & GI symptoms and more) --->
Chronic stress ---> low adrenal & possible low thyroid function (secondary)
---> onset of POTS with an extensive list of possible symptoms of various degrees of intensity

Low potassium could be due to:
a.  loss because of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
b. low intake
c. malabsorption
d. low magnesium
e. antibiotics and some other medications
g. other

low potassium -->fatigue, muscle weakness and damage, arrhythmias and other symptoms

Please look into the above and let me know if you need details in any of them.

I hope this helps, however, my suggestions are not intended as a substitute
for medical advice.

Best wishes to you and your sister.

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