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Pins and needles

Hi ,
i ve been told to redirect the question to you. Please see below
my name is Atik, im 23
I want to inquire about this problem i ve been having for a few months now. I get this pins and needles feeling all over my body as soon as my body temperatureTemperature measurement gets warmer or i engage in any sort of pysical activity or if im around alot of heat.  I usually have to run out into the cold to calm this feeling or cool down my body with a fan or cold water. It usually occurs in the winter.I also get small red bumps on my skin. I tried allergy midicine from the doctor and it didnt have any affect., Also,I tried taking Vitamin B to help with my red blood cells but that hasnt changed anytihng either.
Could anyone advise if thye have information on this.
Thanks in adance
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I would suggest taking 1 gram of vitamin C with each meal and see if that might help.  If it does you might consider detoxification.
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I think you should think about seeing a Neurologist.  They help with problems having to do with your nerves and it sounds like the pins and needles feeling could be coming from bad circulation or a nerve problem.  Please don't mess around with this, see a Neurologist and tell him or her what's happening.  This may be something more than a question you can just ask us on the internet.  God Bless and please let us know how you are.
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