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Pitting scars fingertips

Is there any other disease/illness which can cause digital ulcers and pitting scars when scleroderma has been ruled out by doctors?

I discovered pitting scars, and digital ulcers, on the fingertips of my right hand in the fall of the last year. My right hand is the hand that gets coldest (left too, but somewhat less) and has done for years and years.
Long story short, after some online  research I had myself tested for  progressive systemic sclerosis. There were no indications for a  autoimmune  disease found in my blood or on the x-rays. There was no Nailfold capillaroscopy done.
I am still worried. Do I have to wait until my skin seriously hardens, and I develop severe internal problems, before I can have myself tested for scleroderma again? Or do I 'suffer;  from something totally innocent?
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