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Please help me, I think i have an underlying condition

My symptoms are:

Testicular atrophy
Thinning Hair at the front
Anxiety/ Sickness/throwing up when i get worried
Depressed compulsive skin picker
Fatigue i get tired easily/ dry mouth constant thirst
Headache/i see spots of light/sometimes i get light headed
Suffer from cystic acne
Suffer from thalassemia minor-blood condition iron deficiency in blood
Piles/ constipation
Warm sensation/ tingling in my left foot when i pee

I am looking for help I have been to doctors but they haven't been very helpful I feel as if I have a problem inside of me causing all these symptoms. I struggle through the day I feel like rubbish but I do the best I can. Please help me can anyone give me an idea of what I might have.
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have you always had this condition ?is this something that started at certain point in your life
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I've had some symptoms but  I have just had the atrophy at 20 years old which has worried me
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Hi Pancake21.

Please look into :

1. Iron overload. Routine Blood Test/CBC
2. Anemia. CBC
3. Enlarged Spleen. Physical exam and Blood test or CT or MRI
4. Hypothyroidism. Free T3,Free T4 And Reverse T3 (insist on these!)
5. Other Hormonal Deficiencies. Complete Hormonal Panel.

It might be a systemic condition caused by a combination of factors, stemming from genetic mutations.

Let me know if you have already ruled out any of the above including test results.
Also please tell me about current treatments and meds.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes
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Thalassemia Minor is congenital when the body cannot make enough iron due to an abnormality in the hemoglobin (similar to Sickle Cell).  The spleen is not involved unless the diagnosis of Thalassemia Major was made, which is done as a child in people with certain descent or hereditary; if one parent has a history of the disease (Major or Minor, then usually all children are tested for it).  Fatigue is a common factor, esp. if the iron is low.  Iron overload is NEVER a factor unless there is a history of very frequent blood transfusions, and if anything people are instructed to take vitamins with iron and to be monitored.
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I'm sorry to hear of your problems.  I am very familiar with Thalassemia Major and Minor.

It sounds like you have more than just this going on, however.  Besides your PCP, are you seeing a Hematologist?  You also describe some symptoms that could be endocrine-related (testicular atrophy, fatigue, acne, thinning hair).  Yet others could be signs of depression or other problems as well.  Either way, you need to see a doctor to have an exam and recent lab work.  Start with your PCP.  Bring a list of your symptoms and write down when each one started, and include what medications and supplements you take and who prescribed them.

What other medical problems do you have?

What medications and supplements do you take?

While we help you here on the forum, please make an appt.to see your PCP on the next business day.  Thank you.
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Thankyou for the answer,the only other meds i have been on was lymecycline i took it for about 3 or 4 months over a span of 2 years but it hasn't really resolved anything. Also I was using Fucidin steroid cream & another pencillin based antibiotic to clear up infection. I have also done a treatment of homeopathy and was told i had a parasite in my liver & blood for over 5 years and was prescribed drops for that but it was a while ago. Im going to call up the docter on monday and request a bloodtest because honestly its stressing me out so much.
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Hey thanks foggy for replying to my post, i havent seen a hernatologist but i have seen a urologist he said my testicals were perfectly normal but one is non functioning. he said that it may be due to torsion or they twisted but i dont think that it. Its just charged so rapidly in the past 3 months in size im stunned. ive only noticed when this all began to start i was going to the gym and eating a lot more and i was going to the toilet 3 times a day or after every big meal. Anyhow im going to make an urgent appointment with the gp towmorro and tell them all the symptoms i have and when it started and perhaps they can refer me to someone. Hopefully diagnose me with something but first we'll see how the blood test turns out, they cant refuse me one if i insist on it?
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My apologies. I totally missed the "minor" type of Thalessemia in the original post.
It sure makes a world of difference!

Nonetheless any iron deficiency/ anemia issues must be properly addressed.
You WILL have metabolic issues (among other issues), including low thyroid function (which can affect any organ/part/system ofthe body)- even in the presence of normal T4 and normal T3- when iron is lacking.

You should also rule out candida because of the antibiotic treatments in the past, biological and external stress and other unexplored factors.
As a self test/screening  you can check online "Saliva Test for Candida".
Fast and easy test.

Please consider getting the proper thyroid testing and the complete hormonal panel as I mentioned as well.
Worse case scenario, these tests may not have an insurance code, so you would have to pay out of pocket.
If your gp cannot order them, then you'll need to see an ND perhaps.

That's what  would do, if I were in your shoes.

Best wishes.
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This is the first time ive ever heard of candida, i went on the website to do some reading up, and i do crave carb rich & sugary food and they are a part of my diet. I done the saliva test and it came up positive with the strand of saliva sinking downwards, is there a more formal test i can do or will it show up in a bloodtest. Also do i have to request to be tested for hypothyroidism and candida or will they come up automatically on the test?Its so strange because i am experiencing a lot of the symptoms indigestion/bloating/constipation/cravings/Hemorrhoids/Mental Fogginess and a lot of other ones. Is it possible that the Underactive thyroid could of caused an atrophy?

Thankyou for your help lightseeker
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From my earlier post:
4. Hypothyroidism. Free T3,Free T4 And Reverse T3 (insist on these!)

Indirectly it may affect any organ/body system, as cellular energy is compromised, so nothing functions optimally!

You need to ask for a separate test for candida and leaky gut syndrome as well if you want (PEG test for the latter).

Need more details, let me know, but it looks like you have candida-not surprised. Please read on it to become more informed.
It takes a while to eliminate. Look into an anti-candida program

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Hypogonasdism (e,g,low testosterone, smallar gonads/testicles) can be caused by many things including hormonal imbalance.  This includes things like hypothyroidism or adrenal dysfunction.  If you had to testicular torsion, it would be extremely painful. You would definitely know if you had this problem and it is considered an emergency; this is not your problem.

Mental fogginess can be related to hormonal and imbalances. This is why I recommend you see in endocrinologist for a full work up.

My suggestion to you is to see your GP to have him run lab tests including a urine test that also includes a test to see if you have yeast (candida) in your urine, and ask for a referral to a hematologist to address your thalassemia issues as well as an endocrinologist to address your hormonal and balance issues.  You cannot demand that he do these things but only suggest them.  But by bringing a list of your symptoms including how long you've had them will assist in his evaluation of you.

I also recommend that you stop your homeopathic remedies as these may interfere with testing at the doctors may do, but let the doctors know that you were taking these so that they will be aware of them in their testing.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you.
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Please excuse my typos above. Siri is not cooperating with me at the moment. I apologize.
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Just got my bloods back on monday, they came back normal apart from my liver which means i need to have another blood test in one months time. Also i dont know whether its worth looking into treatment for anxiety & depression?
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Apparently i have chronic glandular fever
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did you have ebv for a while?
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Just a little update for your all i sent out a stool specimen at the doctor the other day and the results tested positive for having Helicobacter pylori which makes sense. After experiencing numerous acid reflux & abdominal problems which i had been having. I'm now on a weeks course of antibiotics to hopefully try and clear it up, it was a but of mystery with what was going on but I'm glad something was found.
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Please get your Vitamin B12, folate and ferritin levels tested. Parasites can cause a deficiency in Vitamins of all sorts but with B12 deficiency you can have elevated homcystiene levels, neuropathy, anemia's, pain, fatigue, dizziness/fainting and many more. B12d.org
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  In the end it's a total load and numbers game(that really matters)
Why your H Pylori tested positive (above normal range) and mine is negative
( normal range)? Most of us have H. Pylori, yet most of us have no issues.
Eradicating the H. Palori will definitely help, however, what about underlying causative factors?

-Pancake & BMDOC.
MMA testing might not be enough to indicate a Methylocobalamin & Methylfolate (neurological forms of these B Vitamins) deficiency.
So someone can test fine for B12 and folate, yet still be deficient in the methylated (neurological) forms, which are directly responsible for
low methylation effects, such as high homocysteine levels.
Perhaps a CFS homocysteine test will help identify such a deficiency better.

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