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Positive ANA and high RNP

Just a little history.  I had a normal functioning thyroid but was diagnosed with  thyroid cancer in 2007 and had my thyroid removed.  Since then, I have had many other health issues related to this i believe. (salivary gland damage from RAI treatment, vertigo, swollen finger joints- better now,  etc.)  In 2009 I had a postivie ANA so my primary sent me to a rheumatologist.  Rheumatologist did more bloodwork and I had a high RNP.  Everything else was fine so he didn't need to see me anymore.  I have had vertigo within the last year on and off- one time for 2 weeks straight.  Had all of the tests done at the ENT and everything was fine- no explanation for the vertigo. My new primary wants me to go to neurologist if I get it again.   My  primary decided to do a whole panel again to follow up on me and again had a positive ANA and a high RNP (a little lower than before) but said I didn't need to see a rheumatologist at this time.  What does this mean?  I really haven't felt "normal" since my thyroid was removed but I have chalked everything up to being on artificial thyroid hormone.  Any comments are appreciated.  THanks.
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