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Possible Addison's disease/thyroid
  I have Celiac Disease and hypothyroidism.  I have been gluten free for two years and feel worse.  I just went to an Endocrinologist who my cousin works for and he saw me for free.  He said my thyroid was never treated properly in the 2 1/2 years since they diagnosed me with hypothyroidism.  So he increased my levothyroxine (gluten free).
  Anyways, when I was in his office my blood pressure was 71/69 and he wants me to go have blood drawn for cortisol.  I feel so weak, fatigued, I have lost an immense amount of weight ( some from gluten free diet) but its getting worrying me.  I was just in the ER and they say "your blood work is fine but, by looking at you I would of thought we would of found something in your blood"  So basically they are saying I look sick (which I do) but since you have no insurance, have a nice day.
  I am worried this could be addison's...some days if feel like I could just lose consciousness.   My digestion is messed up big time as well.  That has contributed to my weight loss.  Dont know if its from years of being hypo and not being medicated properly or addison's.
  Oh by they way I have been having these really weird like zapping pains in upper middle back followed by getting warm all over my body.  I noticed this really started to occur since I have upped my dose of thyroid medicine.  Pretty scary.
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