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Possible Lupus or Lupus Related ???

I'm not really sure how to go about this so I am just going to post my symptoms and see if anyone out there can help with info, suggestions or whatever. I am a 45 year old female. I have had these particular symptoms for about 6 or more years. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but I have other symptoms that involve my vision(eyes), face, mouth and scalp. I have what I can only describe as flares because the symptoms come and go. I have little blisters that come up on my scalp and my face. My mouth gets these slits in the corners of my mouth and get scabby kinda like a cold sore on ones lips but not one. Just slits in the corners. My mouth stays dry ALL the time and I have to have a container of water or something with me at all times. I have been to a Rhumetoid Dr. but all he seem to want to do was address the fibro symptoms so I quit going to him. I have also been to a dermato;ogist who says she thinks what I have could be something called a sub-cutaneous connective tissue disorder and that she couldnt help unless I came to her when the blisters first form That's hard to do because when they come up it bothers me and I scratch the blister, then they become scabby/scally sores. When I pick at them sometimes little sandy type beads come out of them. My mouth, in addition to the slits in the corners, or my tongue I should say, burns sometimes. I have been told by so many others that these symptoms sound akin to the Lupus family and that the problems with my mouth and eyes sound like Sojrens syndrome. I think I spelled that right, not sure. Can someone PLEASE help guide me in the right direction with all this ?. Maybe someone out there is experienceing the same things. Either way, PLEASE HELP !
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For me, blisters (developed from hives), burning mouth, itching skin, swollen lips, cracked lips, were signs of food allergies.  

When I had the excessive blisters, I also had (undiagnosed) kidney stones.

I have had traditional and non traditional allergy tests over the years.   I have also learned to listen to my body.  

For example, I made a new recipe for pizza crust.   When I eat it, my mouth becomes excessively dry and the insides of my cheeks swell up.  I can feel ridges when I run my tongue along my cheek.  My tongue felt like someone was stabbing it as I ate the pizza.  For me, that means food allergies.  But what is it?

The millet flour?  The brand of pizza sauce?  The cheese?   The spices I added to the pizza?  I dunno, but I gotta figure it out.

Have you thought about allergy testing?

I was diagnosed with septic arthritis as a child.  I don't have the symptoms anymore.  I eliminated so many foods and environmental containments from childhood.

Keep us posted!
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Thank you for your recent posts but given all the other syptoms and my fibro I don't think it has anything at all to do with food allergies. I have been to an allergy specialist as well as a dermatologist and I have no known allergies except to bees/wasps/horseflys and the like as well as hayfever. According to the Dermatologist, she thinks it may be something called a sub-cutaneus connective tissue disorder and possible sjogrens but I haven't been diagnosed yet. If you have any more advice on autoimmune disorders I would really enjoy conversing with you. I stay in so much pain all the time from the FIBRO/CFS it's hard to function alot of the times but, we have to keep going tho. Sincerely, Crystal
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wow crystal you're right, we do have alot of the same symptoms

good luck at the doctor and hope you feel better :)
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hey!!!I have almost all those symtoms,blisters on the head etc.nobody really knows what to say about them.said I have connstive tissue disease,the eye thing,shcolederma(thats not spelled rite)but ya,my sister has lupus real bad.My neurologist asked if anyone has talked to me about the beginnings of lupus.Have to have another mri cuz lesions showed on last one.Have you had an mri?also my eyes really hurt and feel cold to touch.weird.
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I think you may have disseminated histoplasmosis.  the fungus is carried by bats, and when I was ill with it I had symptoms of fibromyalgia and prurient rashes/bad vision.
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