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Possible to auto immune disorder but test normal?

For years I have had numerous symptoms that no one can explain, but all tests including bloodwork has come back normal. I don't understand it. I know normal people don't feel this way.
Anyways. My symptoms are this
Rapid eye movement for about 30 seconds while sleeping. It will wake me up and I will not be able to control it to stop it. It's frightening. And yes, they go side to side and not in circles. It doesn't always happen. It's infrequent.
Muscle twitches. Only muscle, doesn't move my whole leg. Will move my whole right thumb though.
Rash on face and hands. Covering my eyes. The rash on my hands did not itch but left a scar. The rash has healed though.
Mouth sores.
Chest pain along with troubles breathing.
Stomach upset
Extreme fatigue
Muscle pain.
Feeling like my legs are sun burned. The very clothes I wear hurts. Cold makes it worse. (Not all the time)
Raynauds syndrome (diagnosed)
Joint pain.
Silent migraines.
Migraines with auras.
Sporadic numbness. But still able to use limbs. (I'm assuming that they're due to my migraines)
Have had a couple unexplained seizures.

My tests have all been coming back normal, except one electrolyte. I drink water a lot and eat pretty healthy so I didn't understand how I ended up with hypokalemia. But they labeled it dehydration because of my creatnin level. NOT my BUN level.
So now my question is, can I have an autoimmune disease but still have my blood work come out normal? Also Ana was negative and C-reactive protein, and thyroid, ALL thyroid was normal.
Lyme and ms definitely negative.

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Hi - sorry you haven't had any responses.  How old are you, if I may ask.  You say Lyme and MS definitely negative.  What tests have you had done?  And yes, you can have an autoimmune disease with blood work normal.  It's called sero-negative, or the disease without the confirmation in your blood and serum.  The antibody tests are positive is certain percent of patients.  Not 100%.  It's different for different diseases.  I was diagnosed with Raynauds long before other diseases.  And although I did have a positive ANA - it wasn't extremely high.  

These diseases are often very difficult to diagnose.  I didn't hear symptoms which were definitive for anything in particular, nor do they sound severe.  I would think that the rash and the skin sensitivity should be followed up on.  If they happen again - take a picture of the rash - a doctor can't ever evaluate something you used to have that they can't see.

I would like to know what tests other than blood work you've had.  It would help me evaluate what can be ruled out.  We all have occasional muscle twitches - ignore them.  If we pay attention to every single body sensation - we'd be neurotic and drive ourselves crazy.  Our bodies are busy machines and have hic ups on occasion.  But if there are symptoms that stop you in your tracks or are so bothersome you have to interupt your life - they need attention.  

Also - electrolyte imbalances can cause all sorts of problems and symptoms.  Get those things resolved and see if your symptoms subside.  Hope you're doing better and find answers soon.  Blessings.
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I know that this may not help, but 10 years ago I had about half of your symptoms and doctors couldn't explain it. The only thing that helped (but didn't fix everything) was going 100% gluten free. I'm at least able to function better and some of the horrible symptoms are gone... Wishing you the best of luck!
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It sounds like you have a combination of things going on the rash could indicate several different types of autoimmune issues. A lot of your issues sound like lupus type issues or it is possible to have combinations of issues. Raynaud's disease is very common in conjunction with other autoimmune diseases the joint pain could be RA, or another condition like inflammatory arthritis. It's better to be safe than sorry not hypochondriac but if you believe something is wrong then be tenacious and make sure people take you seriously. I always recommend a symptom Journal because you can take that into a doctor and sometimes they can see in the patterns times of day etcetera are triggering certain symptoms. I have had very similar issues all of my blood work has always come back quickly honestly I don't know why they even use blood work as a gauge for autoimmune anymore because it shows up in very few. And those same markers can show up in people they don't have any autoimmune disorders so it doesn't make any sense to me. After battling with it for 4 years myself I've finally gotten my doctors to do MRIS on the specific joints that I've had pain in and now because it's taking them so long to get around to it I'm looking at joint replacement in both my shoulders and my hips. To make it worse my GP just ran all of my blood work again and it's perfectly clear so they can see I have a systemic problem that's causing multiple damage in my joints and my blood work is fine. Keep your head up and keep doing things like this do your research ask the questions and don't hesitate to get a second opinions because doctors can be wrong. I hope it all works out for you and you get some answers soon
I would also check out scleroderma 4 the rash if you look further along and these comments questions in this category there was a lady that asked about if anybody had been diagnosed with scleroderma and a few other things. She might be able to give you some information if you post your symptoms as a has a question to hers just a thought.
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