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Is the relief from long term Predisone worth the risks of being on it for so long?
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There are numerous long term serious  side effects to be considered and assessed.

If I were to do a risk/benefit analysis, I would likely opt out of Prednisone right from the start, since I'm drawn to safer natural alternatives and more holistic approaches.

Recommending  you do the same would not be ethical, nor appropriate.

With the limited information in your post, I can't comment any further.

What do you take prednisone for, how's it working for you and how long
have you been on it? Any particular concerns?

Looking forward to your reply.
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Use prednisone to keep you moving/active/functional until your arthritis medication kicks in (that will take a couple months).  Long term, prednisone is very bad and gets harder to quit because natural cortisol shuts down as the body compensates for the exogenous source.  Prednisone's only virtue is fast and reliable inflammation reduction.
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