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Question about autoimmune hepatitis

I am in my 20s and is very worried about me maybe having autoimmune hepatitis. I had a ANA test come positive and my vitamin d was low. I have weird symptoms too such as easy bruising, fatigue for a few years, my hair seems to fall out a lot more than usual, my knees turn red and get hot, when I sweat I get itchy, I constantly yawn a lot to fulfill a breath, and sometimes my blood pressure gets low. My stomach also rumbles a lot. I'm scared it might be my liver. I don't know if they checked my liver function but the doctor said she was going to give me liver function tests cause at the time I was worried I had hepatitis b. I'm not sure if she ever took them but she said everything came out fine. Can somebody help me and tell me about autoimmune hepatitis.
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Bronxlover, what are you doing about the low vitamin D
and what was your ANA titre?
The smaller titres are meaningless as most doctors consider them negative up to 1:160
There are different types of A/I hepatitis antibodies, detected by blood tests, however, the final diagnosis is based on the results of a liver biopsy.
As a patient you have the right to know what tests you had and also have a copy of the report..
In the end was hep. B totally ruled out or not?
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Hepatitis b was fully ruled out I don't have any hepatitis viruses. I don't know exactly what autoimmune diseases they checked me for but I do know lupus was one of them and was negative. I am real anxious about this and scared I have a liver problem
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