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Quick question!

I had a bunch of labs done by my Rheumatologist last March which all came back negative except an elevated SED and CRP. Do they ever test you again? I have been dx with undifferentiated connective tissue disease and put on Plaquenil but it doesn't seem to be doing any good anymore.
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I am not sure what your symtoms are but I to  have undifferentiated connecctive tissue disease.  I started out on plaquenil but have added  methotraxate low dose prednisone and arava  to the mix..  My knees still feel like rubber and in the evenings i head to bed early.  But it is helping with the pain dring the day.  I just pray that the disease will eventually burn it self out.
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That is what my rheumatologist mentioned that the next step would be methotrexate. I can't take any steroid drugs due to my Type 1 diabetes. I thought maybe I was having a flare but it has been almost 2 months now. I guess I'll have to put in a call to him but I am so scared of the methotrexate. Does it have bad side effects?
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What are the symptoms of this connective tissue disease?  I am having a horrible time with some joints, my CRP was high but my SED rate was totally normal.
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I could swear I have rheumatoid arthritis! My symptoms are fatigue, swollen painful joints, my hands, feet and ankles swell up bad.My muscles hurt all over my body. I have lost strength in my hands, my husband has to open all the jars, soda cans etc. I do administrative work and by afternoon my hands hurt so bad from typing and it hurts to hold a pen and write. What symptoms are you having? My Dr did all the tests for autoimmune diseases and the only things that were abnormal were the Sed Rate and CRP.
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