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Random joint and muscle aches and exhaustion

About 6 years ago, when my first child was five months old, I woke up one morning to every single muscle and joint in my body in aching pain. I was very weak and could barely hold any weight or grip things easily. This lasted about 10 days, gradually improving every day. I went to my PCP about a week after it started and was told it was probably just a weird virus (which I didn't believe for a second).  For a few years afterwards I had several more "mini" episodes. I sometimes got a headache, would suddenly get very fatigued and then have these "traveling" aches and pains in my muscles and joints. One minute my hip my hurt, then my shoulder, then my knee. It is very odd. These episodes would last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. There has been no rhyme or reason to them related to weather, my menstrual cycle, being pregnant or breastfeeding, etc. They seemed to go away for a year or two and now have been occurring more frequently. I've been to a neurologist (exam was normal) and got blood work done during an episode and the only thing abnormal was a sed rate of 30 (at the time I was about 28 years old). No one has been able to tell my what these episodes are. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Can't tell you much only that I wouldnt listen to the "weird virus" diagnosis either for a minute because I was being fobbed off with same when I began with similar symptoms after a chest infection and after two and a half years with me doing all the investigative work and paying for tests I was eventually diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis last year. Too late to save my livlihood as I was self employed and now living on social welfare and scraping by and every day I just wish I had been more assertive when I was sick in the beginning but I trusted the hospital and docs when they were telling me there was nothing wrong even though deep down in my heart I was certain I was heading for some sort of trouble as I had been in perfect health before that infection. Sed rate of 30 is fairly high, mine never got above 10 and still it was an inflammatory arthritis that was causing the pain, thats quite common in psoriatic arthritis and docs should know it but in my expierience they simply dont listen to the patient and so dont get half the pictuir.
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