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Remicade & Hairloss

Ughhhh.  I have been searching for answers in these message boards and no one replies or knows anything about hairloss & an effective remedy.  I'm on Remicade now and since i've started this med, my hair is so thin and keeps falling out in large amounts.  HELP!!
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I was on Remicade for my Cronhs and my hair was so thin and falling off, my pillow was full of hair, now I cant take remicade because of a severe reaction so my hair now his thick, stoping remicade was a great thing for me, but people react differently...
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Are you taking methotrexate or had your thyroid checked.   My sister was on remicade and methotrecate.   Says methotrexate causes hair loss.  Also thyroid issues.  Hope this helps
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Hi Maurene.
I realize that you are fairly new here.
Please note that this thread is over 3 years old and these members may no longer be active.

I read your journal entry and I'm sorry for your recent dx.
It's definitely a new learning curve for you.

Gastroparesis may have a connection to diabetes, hypothyroidism or
adrenal fatigue (which is itself linked to impaired thyroid function).
Anything that relates to you?
Just a thought.

Best wishes.
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